TWG Tea Cotton Teabags - Tea Taster Collection

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TWG Tea Cotton Teabags - Tea Taster Collection

A selection of six of our most popular teabags - Singapore Breakfast Tea, French Earl Grey, Chamomile, Silver Moon Tea, 1837 Black Tea and Vanilla Bourbon Tea


Rooted in its commitment to bringing you only the finest teas of the world, TWG Tea has spared no expense in creating the ultimate teabag. The key lies in the fact that every teabag contains the exact same high quality tea retailed by weight at The Urban Tea Merchant, conveniently portioned in precise 2.5gram servings for the perfect cup of tea. TWG Tea’s teabags are entirely hand sewn and made from 100% cotton. Each gift box contains 30 teabags, 5 of each flavour.


By TWG Tea

Price: $62.00