Haute Couture - Red Balloon Tea

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Haute Couture - Red Balloon Tea

A magical flight of the imagination, this tea is the perfect confection to brighten your day. Blueberries lend their tangy sweetness to this airy, theine-free red tea (rooibos) which sparkles with overtones of crunchy nashi fruit (Asian Pear). Fly high with this delightful ode to youth and innocence, the perfect blend for tea lovers of all ages.

TWG Tea has created a selection of unique teas, each carefully designed to reflect an excellence of content and packaging. The lavish, Haute Couture Tea is a perfect way to introduce extravagant blends and exquisite harvests and to share TWG Tea connoisseurship with tea drinkers around the world.

By TWG Tea

Price: $47.00