Haute Couture - Jasmine Monkey King Tea

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Haute Couture - Jasmine Monkey King Tea

Set in the picturesque mountains of Fujian Province, a century old legend has it that monkeys were specially trained by monks to pick tea leaves on the steep mountains ridges of China. Taught to select only the finest leaves from the top of the tea plant, these monkeys bring home exquisite tea leaves buds that yielded an exceptionally fragrant and unforgettable brew.

In a befitting tribute and celebration of the tradition of tea picking, TWG Tea swings into the Lunar New Year with an exclusive blend, the Jasmine Monkey King Haute Couture Tea.

Created specially to celebrate this most important Chinese festival, Jasmine Monkey King Tea is a marvellous hand-picked green tea composed of the finest quality buds and young leaves, blended with sensual night-blooming jasmine. This intoxicating infusion yields a mellow and relaxing aroma with a touch of floral sweetness.

By TWG Tea

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