Gold Yin Zhen

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Gold Yin Zhen

The elixir of life in a golden cup! Cherished for their long, silvery tips covered with a soft down, precious Yin Zhen white tea leaves, otherwise known as “Silver Needles”, are transformed into ambrosial jewels plated with 24ct gold. An ornament for the teacup and a marvel for the palate, this molten blend, an exceptional TWG Tea creation, is a talisman, a magic potion which yields a swirling and sparkling infusion with marvellous honeyed overtones. This imperial beverage is truly unique, a glimpse of the divine in a teacup.


Steeping Method

1) Pre-heat the French teapot by rinsing it with hot water. 

2) Pour the required amount of tea into the teapot. 

3) Pour water of optimum temperature on the tea. Fill the teapot until about 1.5cm from the top. 

4) Let the tea steep for the recommended number of minutes. 

5) The tea must then be stirred and finally, poured into fine china bone teacup.

By TWG Tea

Price: $233.70 - $5,843.00