OOLONG IS A SEMI-FERMENTED TEA. 'Oolong' means black dragon in Chinese. According to legend a man drying tea leaves one day was frightened away by a large black snake. When he returned several days later the leaves had begun oxidizing in the sun and when steeped made a delightful brew. Oolong tea, also known as blue-green tea because it is only partially fermented during processing, is a method that originated more than 2000 years ago and is now produced in China, Taiwan and India. Oxidation of oolong teas can vary from green-blue (12 – 30%) to blue-black (30 – 70%) depending on the variety of tea and the desired taste. Once the chosen degree of oxidation has been completed the leaves are rolled by machine up to forty times to develop their unique flavour. The resulting cup of tea has a distinctive coppery-brown glow.