The Urban Tea Merchant - Our JourneyTom and Karinna founded The Urban Tea Merchant in 2004. They spent three years researching the tea industry before opening their pilot store. They travelled the world in order to capture the essence of this unique luxury tea concept. In 2001, they took a one-year sabbatical and during that time, travelled around the world for four months with their daughter, Casey James. The primary purpose of the trip was to study tea and the rituals that surrounded it. Their tea pilgrimage took them through Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, India and Southeast Asia.  This world trip was a journey from within and without. Tom and Karinna imagined sharing this luxurious tea journey with customers, beginning in Vancouver, Canada. This is how The Urban Tea Merchant began.

Since then, Tom and Karinna have shaped a loyal team with their daughter, Casey James and son-in-law, Reza Nasooti, and are now committed to the vision of opening more concept stores and distributing TWG Tea, the finest tea in the world, to luxury hotels and fine dining establishments in Canada and select locations in the United States.