Mark the Royal Visit to Canada with TWG Tea

September 07, 2016

Palace Breakfast Tea Set, Royal Visit, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant, Nordstrom Pop-Up

On September 24, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Canada for a royal tour across British Columbia and the Yukon – and TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, invites you to celebrate with the Palace Breakfast Tea Set, a majestic selection of morning teas to stimulate the mind and rouse the spirit in truly royal fashion.

Palace Breakfast Tea Set, Royal Visit, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant, Nordstrom Pop-Up

Empower yourself with the Breakfast King Tea (100g), a vigorous blend of broken and whole leaf black teas that emboldens the palate with an invigorating intensity. Balanced by rare ginseng root and hints of sweetness, this regal blend imparts calm and strength for the day ahead, and is presented in a stately crimson tin and box. For a gentle start to bright and dewy mornings, the Breakfast Queen Tea (100g), packaged in a soothing turquoise tin and box, bestows a vivacious blend of green teas to awaken the senses, delicately balanced by notes of sweet lemon and a hint of noble rose – a tea to soften awakenings and welcome the dawn.

Palace Breakfast Tea Set, Royal Visit, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant

Presented together in a royal blue box and sleeve stamped with gold, the Palace Breakfast Tea Set is a gift fit for the king or queen of your heart!

Partake in the splendour of the Royal's voyage with the exquisite English Breakfast Haute Couture Tea, packaged in a luxurious royal red, adorned with gold embossing of the notable London Bridge.

English Breakfast Haute Couture Tea, Royal Visit, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant, Nordstrom Pop-UpCommonly known as an accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast, the tea is strong and full-bodied with light floral undertones. The English Breakfast Haute Couture Tea is TWG Tea’s unique take of the classic tea and is undoubtedly one of the most popular blended teas, as well as an iconic representation of British tea culture.

English Breakfast Haute Couture Tea, English Breakfast, British, Royal Visit

The Palace Breakfast Tea Set retails for $112 (CND) and the English Breakfast Haute Couture Tea retails at $44 (CND)


Enjoy an array of British-themed TWG Tea's from the Loose Tea Collection

English Earl Grey, TWG Tea, Royal Visit English Earl Grey Tea
- A strong, traditional Earl Grey, this aromatic and full-bodied amber-coloured TWG Tea black tea has a very full and dark savour.

London Breakfast TeaLondon Breakfast Tea - Celebrating the legendary British tea tradition, this strong TWG Tea blend of broken black tea produces a full-bodied cup with an aroma of red berries and a hint of malty sweetness.

Golden Earl GreyGolden Earl Grey - The gold tips of this highly sought after black tea are sun-dried and oxidized naturally produced in extremely limited quantity and are almost impossible to find. Blended with an extraordinary bergamot, this tea astonishes with a malty, honeyed flavour.

Castleton First Flush DarjeelingCastleton (1st Flush) SFTGOP1 - Precious TWG Tea Darjeeling - this illustrious estate is situated at altitudes of 1,300 to 2,500 meters and produces harvests of unequaled quality. The delicate green leaves of this first harvest/first flush offer a refreshing cup with an enveloping fragrance of ripe apricots and grapes, and a unique aftertaste of green almonds and white currants. Darjeeling FTGFOP1 - The king of Indian teas, this TWG Tea first flush black tea boasts an exquisite fragrance and a vibrant, sparkling taste that develops remarkable overtones of ripe apricots. An exquisite daytime tea.



Earl Grey GentlemanEarl Grey Gentleman - A rich and robust Ceylon is balanced with intense and fragrant TWG Tea bergamot, giving this black tea blend a sparkling citrus aroma and an enduring and refreshing aftertaste. A dashing tea of sophistication.

Harmutty SFTGFOP1Harmutty SFTGFOP1- A British favourite, this malty, second flush Assam is strong and rich in flavour. This TWG Tea special harvest produces a robust black tea that is excellent in the morning.

Margaret's HopeMargaret's Hope FTGFOP1 - The second flush Darjeeling of this prestigious garden is a favourite of connoisseurs. This TWG Tea summer harvest infuses into a copper-red cup and develops a taste of delicious ripe fruits. The elegant floral bouquet lends itself perfectly to a light afternoon snack.

London-Singapore TeaLondon-Singapore Tea - A subtle TWG Tea harmony of black tea with exotic spices and a compelling touch of wild berries, this creation evokes journeys to discover new destinations.


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