Celebrate Illuminating Nights this September with Tea and Mooncakes

August 25, 2016

TWG Tea 2016 Mooncake Collection & Festive Night TeaAs ethereal as the celestial appearance of a lunar eclipse, the warm glow of the moon hangs above the cosmic skies, an astral sighting as divine and illuminating as the festive nights of mid-autumn. A delicate paper lantern dances against the moonlit sky, families gather around the tea table as sweet notes of lotus and candied treats fill the air...

This September, TWG Tea reveals a unique assortment of lavish jewel treats to add a touch of shine and glamour to your traditional moonlit reunions.

Festive Night Tea

The showstopper of the collection begins with the Festive Night Tea, signifying the beginning of many radiant celebrations in a brilliant orange. Perfectly paired with Festive Night Tea, the green tea blends with notes of cherry blossom and a sweet aroma of red fruits and rose petals.

Expanding the collection of traditional mooncakes, TWG Tea shines above and beyond with three new flavours. Encased in a rich chocolate brown crust, the Jewel mooncake boasts a rich chocolate crust and a luxurious dark chocolate centre surrounded by Paris-Singapore Tea infused white lotus paste and Amarena cherries.

Add a touch of decadence to your festivities with the remarkable red Ruby mooncake , featuring Ivory Palace Tea infused lotus paste scattered with lemon zest and dried mango, encapsulating a fragrant kaffir lime and almond paste heart.

Embracing the vast heavens, Midnight mooncake captures the essence of the universe in a stunning jetblack crust, enveloping an aromatic almond paste centre with crunchy blackcurrants and Blue Lotus Tea infused white lotus paste and dried cranberries.

TWG Tea 2016 Mooncake Collection & Festive Night Tea

A set of two Mooncakes paired with Festive Night Tea retails at $132, a set of four Mooncakes retails at $112, both available in Festive Night Tea gift boxes. Individual mooncake gift boxes retail at $30.

TWG Tea's Mooncakes are available to ship within Greater Vancouver only
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