Capturing The Spirit of a Memory: The Caviar Tin Tea Collection

September 29, 2016

Capturing The Spirit of a Memory: The Caviar Tin Tea Collection

Conceived and designed to celebrate life’s momentous occasions. The Caviar Tin Tea Collection presents gorgeously designed circular tea tins which, when opened, reveal exclusive TWG Tea blends which evoke the spirit of the moment and uplift the senses.


Happy Birthday Caviar

Happy Birthday Tea

A joyous melody of flavours and colours, this mild black tea is blended with a festive mélange of sweet red berries and a touch of vanilla. A TWG Tea to celebrate every day of the year.

Amour de Thé

Amour de Thé

This sensual TWG Tea Darjeeling is blended with delicate rose blossoms. An enchanting potion. 

Chocolate Earl Grey Caviar

Chocolate Earl Grey

A world first! This rich and aromatic black tea is accented with fresh notes of rare TWG Tea bergamot and pure dark chocolate which unite to create a marvellous and blissful blend. An unforgettable tea for those special moments.

Magic Moment Tea

Magic Moment Tea 

A magical potion that unites the delicious character of enveloping black tea, rare citrus fruits and the nutty savours of tropical coconut.

Timeless Tea Caviar

Timeless Tea

A swirling eddy of flavours, this TWG Tea black blend turns back the hands of time, blended with a bouquet of hibiscus blossoms and berries, producing a refreshing cup with a lingering aftertaste. For those moments of eternal emotion.

Valentine's Breakfast Tea

Valentine Breakfast Tea

As sweet and enveloping as love itself, this TWG Tea black blend of romance weds fresh, ripe fruits and silver pearls that bead the soft amber infusion like luminous tears of joy. A lingering and aromatic tea to awaken desires.

Grand Wedding Tea

Grand Wedding Tea

A festive tea to celebrate life’s momentous occasions, this black tea is blended with white flowers and breathtaking exotic fruits.

Immortal Moment Tea

Immortal Moment Tea

A divine TWG Tea creation of Ceylon black tea blended with legendary notes of vanilla. With a sprinkling of leaves of pure yellow gold, this elixir is the inspiration of the gods.



TWG Tea Sets

Experience the union of elegance and passion

Talisman Tea Set

Sweetheart Tea Set

A magical duo of Earl Grey Fortune, strong and full-bodied first flush Darjeeling blended with TWG Tea bergamot that yields a most robust and balanced cup, and Paris-Singapore Tea, a distinguished TWG Tea green tea enhanced with fragrant cherry blossoms and red fruits.

A loving duo of French Earl Grey, a fragrant TWG Tea black tea delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers, paired with Polo Club Tea, an aromatic TWG Tea green tea which infuses into an emerald cup inflected with soft notes of sweetness.


For The Tea Aficionado...


World Voyage New Year's Tea Set

TWG Tea's World Voyage Tea Set will warm your heart and delight your palate. This tea set is an elegant box & sleeve enclosing six TWG mini tea tins filled with a celebratory collection of teas.

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