Patio Parties with TWG Tea at The Urban Tea Merchant

August 06, 2013



TWG Tea expands the concept and occasions of how tea can be enjoyed, presenting a refreshing facet to quality tea culture. These exquisite blends provide a touch of opulence to summer picnics, short breaks or seaside weekend getaways in the glorious warm weather. 

 Enjoy a marvellous selection of TWG Tea for your summer entertaining...


rooibos tea, decaffeinated tea, twg tea, the urban tea merchant, cocoa, almonds

Caribbean Voyage Tea - A warm and enticing TWG Tea blend of cocoa beans, green almonds and a full-bodied rooibos from South Africa. $10 per 50 grams.






passion fruit, fruity, fruity tea, black tea, twg tea, the urban tea merchant

Passion Fruit Tea - A sweet and aromatic infusion created by an exceptional TWG Tea blend of passion fruit and rich black tea. Delicious iced. $10 per 50 grams. 






Cocktail hour tea, cocktail hour, green tea, black tea, festive tea, twg tea

Cocktail Hour Tea - This dazzling TWG Tea composition of black tea and green tea is composed of crimson blossoms which illuminate notes of sweet sugar cane and rum. A tempting alcohol-free interpretation for a festive moments. $10 per 50 grams.






Eternal summer tea, eternal summer, summer tea, iced tea, twg tea, berries, rooibos, decaffeinated tea

Eternal Summer Tea - A fragrant South Africa red rooibos embellished with notes of sweet summer rose blossoms accented with raw berries which finish with a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of ripe Tuscan peaches. A theine-free tea to be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of the day. $12.50 per 50 grams.





tea party tea, candied tea, party tea, twg tea, black tea

Tea Party Tea - Surrender to the rich, warm and golden infusion of this black tea inflected with notes of candied sweetness. A perfect blend to pair with tea cakes and sandwiches. $11 per 50 grams.






sweet france tea, sweet france, chamomile, green tea, relaxing tea, calm tea, twg tea

Sweet France Tea - The elegance and refinement of France concentrated in a teacup. This graceful TWG Tea blend combines green tea with exotic flowers and a touch of chamomile to create a fresh and soothing cup. $12 per 50 grams.






Complete your party with TWG Tea Accessories

firefly tea bowl & saucer, tea bowls, tea cups, summer cups, twg tea, glass bowls, the urban tea merchant

Firefly Tea Bowls & Saucers - The TWG Tea Firefly tea bowl and saucer is a work of art, reminiscent of summer evenings and blossoming water lilies, truly an Impressionist dream. Available in 15 colours. $56 each.










teapot, french teapot, glass, glass teapot, twg tea

TWG Tea French Teapot - An exclusively designed creation this hand-blown glass teapot allows you to savour a perfectly infused cup of tea while you enjoy the curls of colours developed during infusion. Prepare your TWG Tea’s hot or cold in this elegant design which has all the alluring trimmings typical of French refinement. $384








Let TWG Tea accompany you in celebration of the magnificent summer season with the uplifting TWG Tea selection!



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