Father's Day Gift Ideas with TWG Tea

June 08, 2013

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Emir Teapot

TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, has created a multi-sensory experience with an array of divine creations to pique your father’s taste buds and heart strings this Father’s Day. 

Caviar Tea Set

Inspired by a King’s strength, TWG Tea’s collection radiates with luxurious magnificence that is a glorious fit for a Father.

TWG Tea's Haute Couture Collection suited for that special man in your life 

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Haute Couture - Earl Grey Gentleman Tea - A rich and robust Ceylon is balanced with intense and fragrant TWG bergamot and pink rosebuds, giving this black tea blend a sparkling citrus aroma and an enduring and refreshing aftertaste. A dashing taste of sophistication. $32

caramel, chocolate, Napoleon, black, twg tea, haute couture

Haute Couture - Napoleon Tea - This tea of destiny combines a high quality black tea with a sophisticated TWG blend of sweet spices and a hint of vanilla, giving a most extraordinary and fully developed aroma. A tea of sensual warmth and sweetness. $32

citrus fruits, black, brothers club, berries, haute couture, nutty

Haute Couture - Brother's Club Tea - A complex TWG blend of nutty black tea, citrus fruits and berries which leaves a warm luminescence lingering on the palate. A tea for evenings of camaraderie. $32 

TWG Tea Sachets- The gift of convenience 

green tea, sachets, teabags, twg tea, caramel

Polo Club Tea - Gather strength from this aromatic TWG Tea green tea which infuses into an emerald cup inflected with soft notes of caramel. $21

smokey tea, sachets, tea bags, twg tea, lapsang, black

Imperial Lapsang Souchong Tea - This smoky TWG Tea black tea boasts beautiful leaves and a smooth, full-bodied flavour infused with the aroma of rare Chinese pine. A generous daytime tea that is perfect with a savoury meal. $21

Gift him a teapot to create his own relaxing tea ritual at home

design teapot, teapot, twg tea, gift, fathers day

TWG Tea Design Teapot, 0.5L - The TWG Design teapots represent the convenience of modern functional features and the pleasure of serving tea in the classic beauty of an exclusive TWG Tea design. A high-quality polished stainless steel cosy with an inner felt lining envelope the porcelain teapot and keep the tea warm for one hour. All the porcelain teapots come with an special designed, removable filter which allows the leaves to unfurl and to develop their fragrance during the infusion. These teapots are perfectly suitable for all tea varieties. $234

cast iron, teapot, japanese, gifts, twg tea

Mari Teapot - In Japan, cast iron tea wares have been used for centuries for their practical functionality and alluring shapes. TWG Tea offers a large collection of Japanese teapots and coasters, all made in cast iron, a material known to keep the tea hot longer. All teapots are fully enamelled so that these teapots can be used for all types of tea. Each teapot is handmade in Japan according to ancestral methods to respect traditions, historic shapes and trimmings. $258

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