The Art of Making Tea

March 09, 2016

TWG Tea, Tea Preparation, The Urban Tea Merchant

A perfectly infused cup of tea should be limpid and sparkling - an invitation to a moment of peace and tranquility TWG Tea, Tea Preparation, The Urban Tea Merchant Tea is a reflection of cultures and civilizations around the world, and although its essence must always be respected, tea is continually metamorphosing to adapt to local tastes. Nevertheless, when preparing a cup of tea, everything should be taken into consideration to get the best out of the leaves: the variety of the tea, the quality of the water, the water temperature, the type of filter, the infusion time, and finally, the tea wares used to serve each variety of tea.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of TWG Tea:

1. Warm the teapot and filter by rinsing them with simmering water;

2. Place one teaspoon or 2 1/2 grams of tea per cup into the warm filter, allowing the tea leaves time to expand;

3. Gently pour simmering water on the tea, completely covering all of the leaves;

4. Infuse the tea for a suitable length of time, depending on the variety of tea used;

5. Remove the filter with the tea leaves so that the infusion remains consistent from the first cup to the last;

6. Stir the tea to distribute the tannins throughout the teapot before pouring;

7. Allow fine-harvest, single-estate teas to cool for a few minutes before serving, so as not to burn the tongue, in order for you to enjoy the full palette of flavours. 

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