A Tale of Spring - Sakura! Sakura! Tea

March 02, 2016

Sakura! Sakura! Tea, Haute Couture Tea, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant, Cherry Blossoms

Did you know...

“Hanami – a flower viewing ceremony of the Sakura blooms - or cherry blossoms - started during the Nara Period of Japan’s history and used to be an exclusive privilege reserved for the of society’s elite from the Imperial Courts. This long standing tradition, also known as cherry blossom festival, soon spread across the society and has evolved to be the internationally recognized event it is today”.

Sakura! Sakura! Tea, Hanami, Cherry Blossoms, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant

Now offered at The Urban Tea Merchant, TWG Tea's Sakura! Sakura! Haute Couture Tea pays a befitting tribute to one of the most celebrated and beautiful seasons in Japan. Produced in limited quantities, this fine green tea with notes of cherry blossom is TWG Tea’s unique interpretation and celebration of the annual Hanami – a flower viewing ceremony originating from the 8th Century, during Nara Period in Japan’s history.

Spring in Japan sees visitors from all corners of the world gathering to catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing beauty of the new blooms of Sakura. With the breathtaking display also comes a reminder of the transitory character of nature’s beautiful creations.

cherry blossoms, hanami, Sakura! Sakura! Tea, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant

The golden infusion with a subtle floral fragrance is likened to Spring in a teacup, and brings you on an unforgettable journey to discover one of the most captivating seasons in Japan. Packaged in a golden yellow box, the Sakura! Sakura! Haute Couture Tea is reminiscent of warm sunlight permeating through the cool clouds, a glorious awakening for the body and soul.

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