The first deliveries of the Champagne of Tea have Arrived: TWG Tea's Darjeeling Nouveau

April 03, 2013

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Each year, TWG Tea air-freights exceptional Darjeeling harvests direct from the misty Himalaya foothills between Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan in a land of cloud and mist, at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 feet.

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Most of the TWG Tea first flush Darjeeling teas are classified DJ1 harvests, the very first day of picking of the year, an exclusive yield which is highly sought after. They are best appreciated immediately in order to fully appreciate the delicate and nuanced flavour as the complex character of the tea transforms with time.

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The exceptional harvests of the celebrated region of Darjeeling are rich in aroma and complex in flavour, with outstanding notes of ripe fruits and nuts. The most renowned Darjeeling estates craft their teas by hand in a natural and artisanal fashion, ensuring that no two gardens will ever taste alike. 

The TWG Tea taster is called to distinguish between the finest of these, to select the most exquisite 2013 harvests for you to enjoy. The 2013 harvests bode to be exceptional, and are eagerly awaited by connoisseurs, who are encouraged to visit The Urban Tea Merchant or order online starting in early March to discover the first deliveries of this Champagne of Tea.

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