Celebrating Two Much Anticipated New TWG Tea Macaron Flavours at The Urban Tea Merchant

March 15, 2013

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As spring is in the air and Macaron Day is approaching on March 20th, TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, unveils two exquisite new macarons: the Matcha Macaron and the Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya Macaron.

The first new flavours the brand has introduced since it launched its original range of eight tea-infused macarons in 2007, these gorgeously handcrafted jade green and turquoise gems were years in the making, perfected by TWG Tea’s legendary Executive Patisserie Chef, Philippe Langlois.                

Made with a crisp Matcha almond shell, the Matcha Macaron is filled with a luxuriously smooth Matcha-infused ganache. The rarest and most costly of Japanese green teas, Matcha is a finely powdered Gyokuro, yielding a smooth and grassy cup accented by a delicately bitterness which provides an ideal contrast to the inherent sweetness of the macaron. 

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The vibrant turquoise shell of the Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya Macaron encloses a stunning cream made with pandan leaf extract, white chocolate and coconut and one of TWG Tea’s signature red tea blends from South Africa, Vanilla Bourbon Tea to add a rich note of vanilla. Kaya, the coconut jam quintessential to Singapore, inspired Chef Langlois to come up with this delightfully original creation.

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Executive Patisserie Chef, Philippe Langlois says: “TWG Tea macarons are one of those beautiful but also one of the most fragile patisserie creations and must be made entirely by hand from start to finish."

Each macaron is infused with a signature TWG Tea blend and features the freshest and most exceptional ingredients with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. 

To cater to the Asian palate, the sugar in these jewel-toned confections has been painstakingly reduced by a third, making TWG Tea macarons unique in the market, tastier and healthier than their counterparts. 

At The Urban Tea Merchant, TWG Tea macarons retail at C$4 each. Signature yellow boxes are offered for any purchase of 6 or 12 macarons free of charge, and gorgeously gilt gift boxes are offered in seven vibrant hues for any purchase of 24 macarons for C$5 each. 

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About TWG Tea Executive Patisserie Chef Philippe Langlois

After crafting celebrated desserts such as the Mont Blanc at the belle époque tea room Angelina in Paris, Chef Langlois joined the world-renowned Fouquet’s located on the Champ Elysees, a historic landmark restaurant that was awarded two Michelin stars during his stint there. It was at Fouquet’s that he perfected his celebrated chestnut crepes and sorbet beignets. Prior to joining TWG Tea, Chef Langlois was head pastry chef at the acclaimed Mariage Frères for 15 years, and has been credited as the inventor of tea gastronomy in both sweet and savoury dishes.

In search of new inspiration and gastronomic challenges, Philippe joined the TWG Tea and moved to Singapore in January 2008 and is a partner in the company. Helming the TWG Tea kitchens as executive chef and patisserie chef for its global operations, Chef Langlois is intent on impressing Asia with his unrivalled savoir-faire and taste.

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