Succumb to the Charms of Spring with TWG Tea's White Spring Tea at The Urban Tea Merchant

February 27, 2013

 Unveiling of the 2013 harvest of White Spring Tea, a rare downy Yin Zhen white tea blended with fragrant flowers.  

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Spring brings with it the anticipated arrival of the first, downy tips of Yin Zhen, the rarest white tea of which TWG Tea has selected the very finest harvests to refresh the spirit and delight the eye in this suave celadon tin reminiscent of tea wares from the Ming Dynasty. 

As the landscape changes from grey and dry to bright and dewy, this steaming cup reveals a unique blend accented by notes of happy spring flowers – wild violet, cherry and crocus – balanced by a hint of honeyed sweetness.

fine tea, luxury tea, twg tea, cherry blossoms, the urban tea merchant

White Spring, yin zhen, fine tea, fine luxury tea

White Spring Tea - The spring breeze in Kyoto aspired to this fragrant TWG Tea blend. The silver downy tips of this rare Yin Zhen white tea are blended with the most aromatic cherry blossoms as a delightful ode to spring. $39 per 25grams

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Sakura! Sakura! Tea - An ode to spring, this fragrant TWG blend evokes Kyoto’s most celebrated season. A scattering of cherry blossoms and green tea yields a most aromatic and elegant fragrance. $9 per 50grams

spring, green tea, fine tea, fine luxury tea, cherry blossoms

Paris-Singapore Tea - A distinguished TWG Tea green blend enhanced with fragrant cherry blossoms and red fruits. A sensual and sweet tea of reminiscence. $8 per 50grams

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White Passion Tea - The silver downy tips of this rare TWG Tea white tea is carefully blended with wild citrus fruits. Audacious, refreshing yet delicate, this tea is can be served warm or iced at any time of the day. $37.50 per 25grams

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Tokyo-Sinagpore Tea - The concentrated energy of the city of a thousand lights illuminates this green tea which explodes with hybrid citrus fruits; a rush of fragrant flowers leaves the palate with an unforgettable aftertaste. A TWG Tea blend of marvellous contrasts. $8 per 50grams

yin zhen, white tea, luxury tea, fine tea, rose, loose tea

White Mist Tea - A blend of liquid pearl, a nosegay of lover’s blossoms, cupid’s arrow in a cup, these silver tipped leaves of Yin Zhen are showered with heady roses yielding a white tea blend of marvelous mysteries. A tea of declaration. $39.50 per 25grams

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