January Teas of the Month

January 10, 2016

Taking time with ourselves over a fine pot of tea, allows us to get into a new rhythm, becoming more aware of ways of living more meaningful lives.

Tea Flowers, TWG Tea, Tea Flower, Celebration Tea
Rare white tea leaves are intricately handcrafted into a bouquet with blossoms of orange lily and osmanthus. A delicate and delightful TWG Tea creation.
Matcha, Green Tea
This powdered green tea, traditionally prepared with a bamboo whisk, is hand-picked in the most prestigious estate in Japan. A thick and slightly astringent green tea, this infusion yields a smooth and grassy taste which finishes with a hint of sweetness. Sealed packet.Blue Cloud Tea, Oolong, New Zealand, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant
Processed according to Chinese methods and therefore only very lightly oxidised, the polished, rolled, jade-green leaves of this blue tea exude an aroma of ripe apricots and infuse into a mild, slightly astringent cup. A pure and wonderful tea. New Zealand.
Jasmine Pearls, Green Tea
A suave cup of elegantly fragrant Chinese green tea lavishly blended with TWG jasmine blossoms. The tender, silvery buds are intricately rolled into “pearls” and then dried amid fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers. The pearls magically unfurl in the teacup.
Ceylon Leopard Tea
A delightful TWG Tea contrast of a highly aromatic Orange Pekoe black tea from the Ceylon highlands blended with the finest silver needle tipped white tea. A surprising tea of beauty and strength.
White Fortune Tea, Yin Zhen
This rare TWG Tea Yin Zhen white tea is delicately blended with tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries to create an outstanding sweet and sour blend of exceptional quality.
Almond Tea, Black Tea
A walk into a forest of flavour. A delicious TWG Tea black tea blended with fresh almonds gives a very woody and nutty taste.

Every Sip is a Journey

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