Have a Prosperous New Year, The Year of the Snake, with TWG Tea

January 22, 2013

TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, commemorates Chinese New Year with the unveiling of new enigmatic products that do the auspicious occasion justice. 


In a tribute to the upcoming Year of the Snake, the brand launches the bewitching Sahara Teapots and Teacups & Saucers in Gold and in Silver. 

A legendary symbol of knowledge and immortality, the serpent is a potent guardian of good fortune, health and vigour. The spectacular design and detailing of this majestic creature on each Sahara Teapot require weeks of precise handiwork by a master craftsman. The 18-carat gold plated Sahara Teapot boasts alluring green Swarovski crystal eyes, while the silver plated version has the same in red. 

Loose Tea, Chinese New Year, Miraculous Mandarin

Miraculous Mandarin Tea - Commence the New Year with a lucky pour of Miraculous Mandarin Tea, packaged in a perfectly round Caviar Tea Tin. This modern twist to your customary Chinese New Year offerings of mandarin oranges brings an extra tinge of sweetness to reunions. A mélange of warm, rich black tea blended with the fresh tartness of orchard fruits and notes of delicate sweetness, the blend is a miraculous tea of delight. $9 per 50 grams

Gold, black, ceylon, twg tea, vanilla, loose leaves

Immortal Moment Tea - A divine TWG Tea creation of Ceylon black tea blended with legendary notes of vanilla. With a sprinkling of leaves of pure yellow gold, this elixir is the inspiration of the gods. $59 per 50 grams

timeless tea, black, loose leaves, twg tea

Timeless Tea - A swirling eddy of aromas, this classic black tea, blended with a passionate bouquet of hibiscus and bright flowers, turns back the hands of time, producing a fresh cup with a lingering floral aftertaste. For those moments of eternal emotion. $11 per 50 grams

loose leaves, green tea, twg tea

Jade Dragon Tea - This astonishing and beautiful rolled tea from the Zhejiang region has been celebrated since the Ming Dynasty. The leaves are plucked three days after the spring Qing Ming Festival and are twisted into long, elegant strands. A very powerful, full-bodied TWG green tea, it releases a golden infusion that leaves a hint of sweetness on the palate. $58 per 50 grams

pearls, loose leaves, green, twg tea

Jasmine Pearls - A suave cup of elegantly fragrant Chinese green tea lavishly blended with TWG jasmine blossoms. The tender, silvery buds are intricately rolled into “pearls” and then dried amid fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers. The pearls magically unfurl in the teacup. $20 per 50 grams

Fill your cups with brimming prosperity and happiness and to perfume the air with an ambience of rare and precious essences, TWG Tea suggests the Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle

TWG Tea’s talisman red scented candle, accented by alluring notes of Miraculous Mandarin Tea, is a perfect addition to your home during these festivities. Welcome the Chinese New Year with the colour that wards off bad omens and the fragrance of sweet fruits that represents good luck for the future. 

This sensory feast of fresh tonalities of tea leaves, rare resins, warm spices and mythical blossoms bring to mind fond celebrations of family traditions. Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle is also available elegantly packaged in TWG Tea Gift Box with Sleeve accompanied by Saturn Tea Tin in Red filled with 100 grams of Miraculous Mandarin Loose Tea.

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