Begin a Prosperous and Healthy New Year with TWG Tea's Yin Zhen Collection

January 06, 2013

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TWG Tea's Yin Zhen Collection

Start off the New Year with tea appreciation. TWG Tea innovators have hand-blended Yin Zhen, or ‘silver needles’, the world’s rarest and most fragile variety of white tea, with a melange of wonderful fruits, flowers and spices to delight and tantalise the senses of tea drinkers everywhere.

Marvels to behold, the platinum-coloured buds of Yin Zhen are a rare delicacy picked entirely by hand before the leaf of the tea plant opens, then sun-dried in their natural state, yielding a most marvellous, raw, mineral tea of great complexity.

Privileged access to the small quantities of this most sought-after tea produced each year in Fujian, China has been granted to TWG Tea to create the majestic elixirs in the White Tea Collection.

white tea, yin zhen, twg tea

White Miracle Tea -  A miracle is born with this delicate white TWG Tea blended with delicious and fragrant strawberries that deliver a subtle yet irresistible aroma. $38 per 25 grams.

White Fortune Tea, White Tea, Yin Zhen, TWG Tea

White Fortune Tea - This rare Yin Zhen white tea is delicately blended with tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries to create an outstanding sweet and sour blend of exceptional quality. $39.50 per 25 grams.

Yin Zhen, White Tea, White Desire Tea, TWG Tea

White Desire Tea - The romance of a warm tropical rainstorm, this white tea is composed of a most exquisite and downy Yin Zhen blended with ripe golden fruits which exude strong notes of dewy equatorial custard apple and starfruit. $38 per 25 grams.

White Passion Tea, Loose Leaves, Yin Zhen, White Tea, TWG Tea

White Passion Tea - The silver downy tips of this rare TWG Tea white tea is carefully blended with wild citrus fruits. Audacious, refreshing yet delicate, this tea is can be served warm or iced at any time of the day. $37.50 per 25grams.

White Secret Tea, White Tea, Yin Zhen, TWG Tea

White Secret Tea - A flight between moon and earth, this marvel entices with sweet notes of passionate, fruity peach blended with tippy Yin Zhen white tea. A coronet of fresh and fragrant flavours. $39 per 25grams.

white palace, yin zhen, white tea, twg tea, the urban tea merchant

White Palace Tea - A symbol of purity and refinement, this rare Yin Zhen white tea is blended with sweet cherries. An elegant tea evocative of the most prestigious palaces.  $39 per 25grams.

earl grey, white tea, white earl grey, twg tea, yin zhen, the urban tea merchant

White Earl Grey Tea - A subtle combination of mythical bergamot– light, elegant and refreshing – and leaves of imperial silver needles complete this delicate, raw blend, reminiscent of sparkling moon water, zested with mineral notes that lend sensuality and crystalline purity to this elegantly original white tea.  $35 per 25grams.

white mist, rose, yin zhen, white tea, twg tea, the urban tea merchant

White Mist Tea - A blend of liquid pearl, a nosegay of lover’s blossoms, cupid’s arrow in a cup, these silver tipped leaves of Yin Zhen are showered with heady roses yielding a white tea blend of marvelous mysteries. A tea of declaration.  $39.50 per 25grams.

yin zhen, white tea, jasmine, white night jasmine, twg tea

White Night Jasmine Tea - The rarest Yin Zhen white tea tips are blended with a most enveloping and fragrant night blooming TWG Tea jasmine. This Fujian tea is one of the most extravagant jasmine teas of China.  $28 per 25grams.

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