Enchanting TWG Tea blends to guide you into New Year celebrations

December 26, 2015

TWG Tea, Design Teapot, New Years Eve
As night falls in the hours leading up to the New Year’s countdown, TWG Tea conjures the Midnight Hour Tea to welcome a beginning, igniting passion and anticipation as the clock chimes midnight. 
Midnight Hour Tea, Loose Tea, Decaf Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant, TWG Tea

A magical infusion of decaffeinated black tea encircled by a constellation of fragrant tropical fruits, the limited edition TWG Tea blend will unfurl in a display of fireworks on the palate. Midnight Hour Tea is available all year round and can be packaged in 50grams, 100grams or 250grams and is also available in TWG Cotton Teabags 

Celebration Tea, Blooming Tea, Flower Tea, New Years Eve

Celebration Tea, a rare white tea with leaves that are intricately handcrafted into a bouquet with blossoms of orange lily and osmanthus. A delicate and delightful TWG Tea creation. 

Festive Night Tea, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant, New Years Eve Tea

Festive Night Tea, a TWG Tea blend of green tea with cherry blossoms infuses into a dazzling cup with a sweet aroma of red fruits and the intense warmth of rose petals. 

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Happy New Year!

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