As the clock chimes midnight The Urban Tea Merchant presents TWG Tea's Midnight Hour Tea

December 26, 2012


As night falls on the hours leading up to the New Year’s countdown, TWG Tea has conjured up Midnight Hour Haute Couture Tea, a magical infusion of decaffeinated black tea encircled by a constellation of fragrant tropical fruits that will unfurl in a display of fireworks on the palate, igniting passion and anticipation as the clock chimes midnight.

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loose leaves, midnight hour, black decaf 

Midnight Hour Tea - Loose Leaves - $18.50 for 50 grams

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festive night, green, cherry, twg tea

Festive Night Tea - A TWG Tea blend of green tea with cherry blossoms infuses into a dazzling cup with a sweet aroma of red fruits and the intense warmth of rose petals. $9 for 50 grams

magic moment, coconut, black, twg tea

Magic Moment Tea - A magical potion that unites the delicious character of enveloping black tea, rare citrus fruits and the nutty savours of tropical coconut. $11 per 50 grams

cocktail hour, black, green, twg tea

Cocktail Hour Tea - This dazzling TWG Tea composition of black tea and green tea is composed of crimson blossoms which illuminate notes of sweet sugar cane and rum. A tempting alcohol-free interpretation for a festive moments. $9 per 50 grams

 Toast the New Year with Midnight Hour Tea-Infused French Press  


White Sparkling Wine 

TWG Tea's Midnight Hour Tea* - As the clock chimes midnight, this TWG Tea blend unfurls a magical infusion of decaffeinated black tea delicately blended with fragrant tropical fruits. A tea to transform and renew. The perfect blend to accompany your New Year’s celebrations!

**Choose from your favourite TWG Tea aromatics to make your own special cocktail



Sugar – 10 grams

Water – 10ml

Midnight Hour Tea – 2 grams to 3 grams



  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Add sugar while stirring to create syrup
  3. Infuse tea leaves in syrup for 3 minutes
  4. Put through a strainer to remove tea leaves
  5. Chill before use
  6. Add 1 teaspoon of the mixture into the glass
  7. Fill up the glass with sparkling wine
  8. Enjoy!

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