Dreaming of a White Christmas at The Urban Tea Merchant...

December 18, 2012

TWG Tea has sprinkled white tea throughout its festive products, resembling snowy drifts in the teacup during a white Christmas. Combining tea expertise with jolly wishes and the bright colours of the holiday season, tea lovers are sure to find the perfect Christmas gift at TWG Tea.   

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For privileged connoisseurs, White Christmas Tea is a Yin Zhen white tea melded with an exquisite blend of fruits and spices, creating an enchanting mix of flavours. 

Haute Couture Collection, Gifts, White Tea, Tea, TWG Tea

Haute Couture - White Christmas Tea - An exceptional TWG Tea creation, this rare Yin Zhen white tea is hand blended with exquisite fruits and spices to delight the palate with sparkling festive flavours. $45. 

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Also available in White Christmas Tea - Loose Leaves. Package in 25 grams ($31.25), 50 grams ($67.50), or 100 grams ($135).

Gifts to make the season sparkle!

The perfect gift to introduce your loved ones to the world of tea, the Noel! Noel! Tea Set is composed of a tin of Noel! Noel! Tea, a Design Teapot, conceived to keep tea warm for a whole hour, a silver tea scoop and 100% cotton tea filters enclosed in an elegant box. $249

This magnificent Noel! Noel! Tea Set reunites all the essentials for a perfect cup of tea.  

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Gifts Under $100 - Great Hostess Gifts & Stocking Stuffers!

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Flooded with the warmth and glimmering lights of the fireplace, Noel! Noel! Tea merry shades and golden caviar tin will surely inspire sparkling celebrations.  $38

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One petite tea tin and petite gift box enclose a heart-warming, theine-free red rooibos, Red Christmas Tea is a festival of flavours and spices to reminisce and celebrate all year long. (50g). $22

saturn tin, tins, containers, twg tea, luxury gift, the urban tea merchant

TWG Tea Saturn Tins - These artisanal tins are the perfect accessories featuring an original TWG Tea design inspired by the grandeur of the Milky Way, taking you away on a celestial journey through the universe of tea. 

Offered in 50g ($24), 100g ($30) and 1kg ($190)

sugar sticks, twg tea, stocking stuffer

TWG Tea Sugar Sticks are naturally processed to gently sweeten your tea without affecting the particular taste and colour of the infusion. $6

chocolate bar, chocolate bon bons, tea-infused, twg tea, gourmet gifts

The world’s first! TWG Tea launches a unique tea-infused chocolate delight. Giving chocolate lovers a lovely unique experiences. Offered in TWG Tea's Chocolate Bars ($24) and TWG Tea Chocolate Bonbons  (From $2.25 each and up) (Bonbons are offered at the Downtown location only)

TWG Tea Loose Teas - Magnificent for the Holidays!

green tea, twg tea, tea, loose leaves, christmas tea, almond

Christmas Lights Tea - Rich nutty/almond tonalities blended with TWG Tea spices give this grand green tea                       a party allure. A celebration of rich and aromatic flavours. $9 per 50 grams

rooibos tea, spices, orange, twg tea, red christmas

Red Christmas Tea - For those cosy holiday evenings, this TWG theine-free red tea is a festival of flavours and spices, to reminisce and celebrate all year long. $9 per 50 grams

noel noel, white, black, tea, loose leaves, spices, hibiscus, twg tea

Noel! Noel! Tea - A TWG Tea elixir that will surely inspire wintry fireside reunions and joyful Christmas celebrations, this black tea and white Yin Zhen tea blend combines fragrant spices and tones of clementine with rich Tahitian vanilla. A warm and generous tea. $15 per 50 grams

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