Fall into the warmth with TWG Tea this season at The Urban Tea Merchant

October 21, 2012

This fall, sip on a warm pot of one of TWG Tea's finest blends while embracing your surroundings in an aromatic splendour with one of TWG Tea's Tea Scented Candles...

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Since the dawn of time, Oud has burned over a smouldering flame to release a unique fragrance which is mouldering yet sweet and woody yet balsamic, considered to be one of the fragrances of paradise. A private luxury, Oud is burned in homes for only the most honourable guests during special occasions, offering its sweet aroma to the air, permeating garments, wafting through rooms as a magnificent gift as ethereal as it is unforgettable. After years of research, TWG Tea has conceived an exquisite blend that gives taste to Oud, the most costly fragrance in the world. 

Inspired by the ancient trading of Oud along the incense route of antiquity, stretching from Mediterranean ports through Arabia to India and beyond, this carefully crafted blend represents TWG Tea’s daring research into translating the rarest of perfumes into the teacup.  As precious as some of the world’s most unique offerings, the tightly rolled black tea leaves of Oud Night Tea are scattered with shining gems of gum Arabic.  Infusing into an earthy cup of molten copper with a strong woody fragrance, this exclusive TWG Tea blend is an ardent offering that is smooth on the palate and finishes with a lingering aftertaste - a luxuriant and incandescent dream of sweet eternity.

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Oud Night Tea - A precious fragrance warms the evening air, laden with a rich infusion of rare calambac, incense and smoky black tea.  Dissolving into an earthy potion of molten resin, cedar and smouldering tera flowers, Oud Night Tea is an ardent offering a luxuriant and incandescent dream sweet eternity. $48 per 50 grams

spices, black and green, black, green, twg tea, the urban tea merchant, breakfast tea, tea, loose leaves, singapore breakfast, vanilla

Singapore Breakfast Tea - A tantalizing elixir to inspire new beginnings, this noble TWG Tea breakfast blend is evocative of the sophisticated harmony of Singapore. Boasting a natural blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices, this tea yields a complex flavour with a sweet and lingering aftertaste. $9 per 50 grams

mint, chocolate, truffle, chocolate mint truffle, twg tea, the urban tea merchant, rooibos, loose leaves, tea, south africa

Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea - With soft notes of vanilla, rich chocolate and a hint of mint, this TWG rooibos of South Africa is a dessert in itself. Sweet and intoxicating. $9 per 50 grams

pomme, apple, tea, loose leaves, twg tea, the urban tea merchant, black

Pomme Prestige Tea - A lingering desire, a whiff of temptation, a forbidden fancy on the eve of the unknown... Alluring and fragrant apples yield their immortal aroma to this tangy and delightful TWG black tea. A tea for forever after. $8 per 50 grams

TWG Tea's Scented Candles transform the luxury of the incomparable TWG Tea drinking experience into a breathtaking olfactory sensation...


The product of a meticulous collaboration with a renowned and very secret French parfumeur and spécialiste de cire whose fragrances are featured in only the most select luxury fashion houses of Europe. All of the candles feature TWG Tea Exclusive Tea Blends, each itself already a fragrant marvel crafted of the finest tea leaves sourced directly from the best plantations in the world. TWG Tea’s Perfume of Tea Collection spotlights some of the most meticulously fashioned creations from TWG Tea’s collection of over 1,000 teas. 

In addition to the Miraculous Mandarin Tea Candle and 1837 Black Tea Candle, the first esteemed TWG Tea-infused Candles to herald the collection, the complete set of individually sold candles includes four newly conceived infusions, each guaranteed to envelope all surroundings in aromatic splendour within a few minutes. 

Escape into the seduction of a balmy evening with the Oud Night Tea Candle, a sensual candle laden with a rich infusion of rare calambac, incense and smoky black tea. Dissolving into an earthy potion of molten resin, cedar and smouldering tea flowers, Oud Night burns as an ardent offering, a luxuriant and incandescent dream of sweet eternity.

These unprecedented TWG Tea-infused Candles are each rich in scent and delicately crafted to burn for 60 hours of luxurious immersion. $85 each 

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