Mooncakes and Tea: TWG Tea crafts a Perfect Match

September 07, 2012

TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, shares two of its most distinctive tea blends in the spirit of the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival, each intricately crafted to be savoured in perfect company with a mooncake. Silver Moon Tea and Singapore Breakfast Tea each offers a unique and contemporary presentation of flavours and subtle fragrances designed to enhance the essence of the mooncake, this festive season. 

TWG Tea Haute Couture Collection - Silver Moon Tea

Silver Moon Tea, comprised of fine harvest green teas harmoniously blended with light nuances of rare berries and sweet vanilla, will perfectly complement the taste and texture of any variety of exquisite mooncake.  Contrary to teas traditionally paired with these seasonal patisseries, Silver Moon Tea was carefully blended by TWG Tea by hand to pair with mooncakes to elegantly accentuate flavour of all varieties of mooncake as well as arrange complex flavour combinations in a perfect accord – subduing the richness of traditional lotus paste mooncakes with notes of fresh berries. 

TWG Tea Haute Couture Collection - Singapore Breakfast Tea

If you fancy a bolder blend in your teacup, then a steaming pot of Singapore Breakfast Tea will revive your connection with TWG Tea Asian savoir-faire. A surprising arrangement of sweet and spicy gingers with an unusual blend of green tea and black tea is accented with a bouquet of rare and sweet spices, this blend pairs sumptuously to create an indulgent experience reminiscent of ancient tea routes. Singapore Breakfast Tea culminates a wonderful marriage of East and West blended in celebration of regional tastes and is a perfect complement to Mid-Autumn mooncakes.

TWG Tea Haute Couture Collection - Jade Dragon Tea

Toast the Mid-Autumn Festival with a special limited edition of Jade Dragon Tea from our Haute Couture Collection. This is a blend of Jade Dragon Tea, ripe fruits, flowers and a hint of sweet spices, which yields an extraordinary golden infusion and sumptuous aftertaste.

Known for its contemporary and chic paradigm within the luxury tea industry, TWG Tea has conceived each these tea blends with absolute attention to every ingredient and seamless flavour combinations to be appreciated alongside these traditional delicacies.  Envisioned with the true spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival, a flavourful cup of Silver Moon Tea, Singapore Breakfast Tea or Jade Dragon Tea is sure to get conversations brewing as you gather amongst loved ones to share the complex flavours of traditional mooncake cuisine.  

 Always quintessential of quality and truly a pioneer in the modern tea realm, these uniquely crafted TWG Tea blends will exceed the expectations of even the most flavoured tea connoisseurs. To add a more flavourful dimension to your mooncake experience this Mid-Autumn season, a distinguished cup of TWG tea is the perfect match.

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