The Urban Tea Merchant Introduces TWG Tea Exclusive Traditional Mooncakes

September 07, 2012

In light of Mid-Autumn Festival, indulge in exquisite TWG Tea Mooncakes. Ever attentive to tradition, TWG Tea has created an elegant collection of four tea-infused traditional savoury mooncakes encased in glossy, baked crusts. 

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This year, TWG Tea offers two manners to gift your selection of mooncakes: midnight blue Silver Mooncake or burgundy Singapore Breakfast Tea Mooncake gift boxes. A boxes set of four mooncakes priced at $75. A boxes set of any two mooncakes, a TWG Tea Haute Couture tin of Silver Moon Tea or Singapore Breakfast Tea (100g), one reusable Cotton Tea Filter retails at $95. 
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This iconic signature of the mid-autumn festival holds within a golden crust a smooth and elegant brown lotus filling infused with Singapore Breakfast Tea, a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk heart. A timeless favourite. 

Encased in a lavish, red crust, this exquisite TWG Tea mooncake is filled with smooth white lotus paste infused with Silver Moon Tea and scattered with wild berries, enveloping a flavourful red fruit marmalade heart. 

A celestial moment of indulgence, this sumptuous chocolate brown crust is filled with a velvety smooth lotus paste infused with 1837 Black Tea and sprinkled with chocolate chips, enclosing a heart of zesty orange marmalade. 

Wrapped in a baked yellow crust, bursts of dried mango dazzle in smooth Moonlit Night Tea infused lotus paste, encasing a scrumptious candied chestnut heart. 

Visit The Urban Tea Merchant at our Downtown location to purchase your TWG Tea Mooncakes!

1070 West Georgia Street, Vancouver