Perfume of Tea

October 27, 2015

Scented Tea Candles, TWG Tea, The Urban Tea Merchant

Rekindle Memories, Illuminate Tea Parties, and Embalm Evenings of Sweet Romance
with TWG Tea Scented Candles 

Miraculous Mandarin Tea Candle

Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented CandleSoft waves escape from a teapot, sending fresh notes of steam into the air. A celebration of mysteries, Miraculous Mandarin is scented with a panorama of rich spices, frankincense and notes of candied sweetness, an invitation to a sumptuous and lavish feast of the senses.

 Oud Night Scented Candle, TWG Tea

Oud Night Tea Scented Candle - A precious fragrance warms the evening air, laden with a rich infusion of rare calambac, incense and smoky black tea. Dissolving into an earthly potion of molten resin, cedar and smouldering tea flowers, Oud Night burns as an ardent offering, a luxuriant and incandescent dream of sweet eternity.

White Earl Grey Tea Scented Candle

White Earl Grey Tea Scented CandleZested with citrusy mineral notes that lend their raw purity to this elegant fragrance, TWG Tea's White Earl Grey Tea is a refreshing combination of sparkling bergamot and downy leaves of imperial white tea which pervade the senses with a crystalline scent, reminiscent of moon water.

1837 Black Tea Scented Candle

1837 Black Tea Scented CandleThe high mountain plateaus are ripe with the delicate perfume of freshly harvested tea. Inspired by the quiet sophistication of TWG Tea’s signature blend, 1837 Black is scented with an epicurean fantasy of vanilla, musk and sweet spices, a sparkling promise of enigmatic delights.

Bain de Roses Tea Scented Candle

Bain de Roses Tea Scented CandleIn the month of May, the dusky roses of Grasses come into flower, enveloping Provence in an intoxicating perfume. Combined with a secret bouquet of black tea, heady notes of white sandalwood, warm vanilla and fresh grapefruit, TWG Tea's Bain de Roses exhales a passionate and dramatic elixir as sweet as a macaron à la rose.

Tea Party Tea Scented Candle

Tea Party Tea Scented CandleA fresh and verdant surrender to the elusive charms of springtime, Tea Party is a delicate reminiscence of misty morning awakenings followed by glorious sun drenched afternoon tea parties, an addictive perfume inflected with notes of sweet voilet and handpicked raw green tea buds.

Candle Gift Sets 

 Rosebud Tea Set

Rosebud Gift Set - A beautiful combination of Bain de Roses Tea in a TWG Tea Pink Saturn Tin with Bain de Roses Tea Scented Candle. All packaged in an elegant TWG Tea Gift set.

Miracle Tea Set

Miracle Tea & Candle Set - A beautiful combination of Miraculous Mandarin Tea in a TWG Tea Red Saturn Tin with Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle. All packaged in an elegant TWG Tea Gift set.

How to burn a TWG Tea Candle 

When lighting the candle for the first time, burn until liquid wax covers the entire surface. Trim the wick to 5mm and burn in a draught-free area. Do not place a lit candle directly on marble and never leave it unattended. TWG Tea Candles can burn for 60 hours. Store in a cool, dark and dry place.


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