Indulge in a TWG Tea Mother's Day Tea Party

April 20, 2012

If you choose to celebrate at home with a special tea party, TWG Tea, the world's finest luxury tea brand, has created a mulit-sensory experience with an array of divine creations to pique your mother's taste buds. 

TWG Tea Tea Party Tea Party Tea -  A sweet surrender to the rich, warm and golden infusion of this black tea inflected with notes of candied sweetness. A perfect blend to pair with tea cakes and sandwiches. $11 per 50 grams.

TWG Tea Eternal Summer Eternal Summer Tea - A fragrant South Africa red rooibos embellished with notes of sweet summer rose blossoms accented with raw berries which finish with a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of ripe Tuscan peaches. A theine-free tea to be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of the day. $11 per 50 grams

TWG Tea Bain de Roses Bain de Roses Tea - Precious - In the month of May, the roses of Grasse come to bloom, enveloping Provence with an incomparable and luxurious perfume. Masterfully blended by TWG Tea, this sensual Darjeeling is a magical union of extraordinary roses and hints of vanilla. Truly an outstanding tea. $30 per 50 grams.

TWG Tea Sweet France

 Sweet France Tea - The elegance and refinement of France concentrated in a teacup. This graceful TWG blend combines green tea with exotic flowers and a touch of chamomile to create a fresh and soothing cup. $10 per 50 grams.

TWG Tea French Early Grey French Earl Grey Tea - A fragrant variation of the great classic, this TWG black tea has been delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers. $9 per 50 grams.

A perfect set to prepare your Mother's Day tea in....

TWG Tea Vogue Tea Cups & Saucers - The Vogue Teacups are made of the one of the finest porcelains in the world by the most renowned artisan in Russia. This exceptional design features an original hand painted pattern available in red, yellow and cobalt. The classic shape with a hint of modernity of these chic teacups will accompany perfectly the most elegant tableware. $82 each 


TWG Tea Design Teapot TWG Tea Design Teapot - The TWG Tea Design teapots represent the convenience of modern functional    features and the pleasure of serving tea in the classic beauty of an exclusive TWG Tea design. A high-quality polished stainless steel cosy with an under felt lining envelope the porcelain teapot and keep the tea warm for one hour. All the porcelain teapots come with a special designed, removable filter, which allows the leaves to unfurl and to develop their fragrance during the infusion. These teapots are perfectly suitable for all tea varieties. $259 (0.9L). Comes in White or Black as well as in a 0.5 L. 

If you are planning on preparing tea with biscuits or scones TWG Tea-Infused Tea Jelly would be a uniquely and tasty option...


1837 Black TWG Tea-Infused Jelly - Tea-infused with TWG Tea's renowned signature tea, 1837 Black Tea is a unique blend of black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise and caramel. $19 each.

Red of Africa Tea-Infused Jelly - Tea-infused with TWG Tea's Red of Africa Tea, a delicate red rooibos blended with sweet TWG Tea spices and marigold. $19 each.

French Earl Grey Tea-Infused Jelly - Tea-infused with TWG Tea's French Earl Grey Tea with a fragrant black tea that has been delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers. $19 each.

Geisha Blossom Tea-Infused Jelly - Tea-infused with TWG Tea's Geisha Blossom Tea and refreshing ripe southern fruits. $19 each.

Our Tea Ambassadors look forward to seeing you to create your Tea Party for your mother at home!

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