TWG Tea Haute Couture Tea Collection 2012

March 29, 2012

In the spirit of the ceaselessly creative designers of haute couture, TWG Tea offers an aesthetes’ collection of unique and exclusive seasonal tea blends that reflect the core of TWG Tea’s global expansion and cosmopolitan appeal. Distinguishing itself from the archives of cultural tea traditions, the world’s finest luxury tea brand is constantly conceiving and shaping the trends of this new era with creations that are sensual, irreplaceable and exceptional. At once challenging and inventive, TWG Tea defies history in the crafting of its myriad collections, each more provocative and alluring than the last.

In harmony with the natural essence of each harvest, TWG Tea has selected the most exceptional teas, working them with skill and foresight to create blends that will tantalize the palate and reflect the uniqueness of the moment. The Haute Couture Tea Collection is a selection alluding to indelible memories of marvelous flavours. It includes:

 NEW Haute Couture - Sakura! Sakura! Tea An ode to spring, this fragrant TWG Tea blend evokes Kyoto’s most celebrated season. A scattering of cherry blossoms and green tea yields a most aromatic and elegant fragrance. Limited edition. Arriving April 6th. Pre-orders available. 

 NEW Haute Couture - Tea Party Tea - A sweet surrender to the rich, warm and golden infusion of this black tea inflected with notes of candied sweetness. A perfect blend to pair with tea cakes and sandwiches. Arriving April 6th. Pre-orders available. 

 Haute Couture - 1837 Black Tea - TWG Tea’s renowned signature tea, 1837 Black is a unique blend of black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel. A timeless classic.

 Haute Couture - Brothers Club Tea - A complex TWG Tea blend of nutty black tea, citrus fruits and berries which leaves a warm luminescence lingering on the palate. A tea for evenings of camaraderie.

 Haute Couture - Earl Grey Gentleman Tea - A rich and robust Ceylon is balanced with intense and fragrant TWG Tea bergamot, giving this black tea blend a sparkling citrus aroma and an enduring and refreshing aftertaste. A dashing tea of sophistication.

  Haute Couture - Maharajah Darjeeling Tea -  A tea as dazzling as it is bold, this majestic blend of first and second flush harvests from the highest Darjeeling plateaus is accented with mysterious spices and a delicious note of sweetness. A tea for a grand occasion.

 Haute Couture - Napoleon Tea - This tea of destiny combines a high quality black tea with a sophisticated TWG Tea blend of sweet French spices with a hint of vanilla, giving a most extraordinary and fully developed aroma. A tea of sensual warmth and sweetness.

 Haute Couture - New York Breakfast Tea - A contemporary masterpiece evocative of the sparkling city that never sleeps, this extraordinary black tea is an inviting whole-leaf Assam blended with rich and malty sweetness. A tea to savour from morning ‘til far into the night.

 Haute Couture - Singapore Breakfast Tea - A tantalising elixir to inspire new beginnings, this noble TWG Tea breakfast blend is evocative of the sophisticated harmony of Singapore. Boasting a natural blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices, this tea yields a complex flavour with a sweet and lingering aftertaste.

 Haute Couture - Alexandria Tea - A dreamy reminder of Arabian nights, this TWG Tea mélange of green teas is subtly blended with mint and Mediterranean spices.

 Haute Couture - Geisha Blossom Tea - Elegant and highly refined, this TWG Tea blend of green tea and refreshing ripe southern fruits infuses into a fragrant cup that will calm and appease after a day’s disruptions.

 Haute Couture - Place Vendome Tea - The emblem of perfection and purity, this tea symbolises the harmony between the taste of the Orient and Europe, a magical paradox uniting fruits and flowers into a wonderfully blended fine TWG Tea green tea. For a special guest.

 Haute Couture - Royal Moroccan Tea - A cup of royal Moroccan tradition and refinement. A privileged invitation evocative of a most extraordinary palace, this tea boasts one of the finest green teas and an exceptional blend of wild mints. With rare resins and fresh notes of the world’s rarest elixirs - ambry, myrrh, musk, and treasured calambac - this blend truly yields a majestic infusion. A tea of perfect elegance and sophistication.

 Haute Couture - Silver Moon Tea - A TWG Tea blend of green teas is accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet, smooth, with just a hint of spice. A tea for that special moment.

 Haute Couture - Red of Africa Tea - Delicate red rooibos from South Africa blended with sweet TWG Tea spices and marigold. This theine-free tea can be served warm or iced, at any time of the day, and is ideal for children too.

Each blend in the Haute Couture Tea Collection is $31.95 (100g).