Wedding Tea Gift Collection by TWG Tea

March 04, 2012

A rhapsody of romance, TWG Tea will enrapture with luxurious savours and sensations as precious as the moments they commemorate. 

TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, unveils an exclusive wedding collection of exceptional loose leaf teas, packaged teas and sumptuous favours.

Tea was once a product so revered, costly and rare that it was only offered as a gift to emperors and courtiers, a product as elite as it was noble. Today, TWG Tea has revived this tradition with artfully packaged teas in beautifully conceived gift boxes, introducing ornate blends crafted to grace the wedding tea table and to delight family and friends. An exquisite selection of TWG Teas and gourmandises create lasting impressions and lingering sensations as precious as the moments they celebrate.

Wish Lists/Gift Registry

At The Urban Tea Merchant, we offer a selection of TWG Tea gifts for the special occasions of weddings. To accommodate the bride and grooms special time, we can offer a Wish List/Gift Registry which allows you to choose from our wide range of elegant and unique items for your new life together. 

Please contact our Downtown location to set up an appointment with a Tea Ambassador to assist you with your special request.

Wedding Favors

With TWG Tea's beautiful wedding collection, The Urban Tea Merchant is proud to offer a selection of wedding favours to choose from for that special day. As a luxury brand, TWG Tea offers only the best in items such as TWG Tea Cotton Teabags and Tea-Infused Macarons that your guests will share as a very unique memory to take home. Please contact our Downtown location to set up an appointment with our Sales Ambassador to assist you with your special request. 

TWG Tea's Wedding Collection

Immortal Moment Tea
An ode to the eternal bond of love, TWG Tea has crafted the precious Immortal Moment Tea, a rare Ceylon     black tea blended with leaves of pure 24 karat gold and legendary notes of fine vanilla bean. An infusion of   molten gold, this divine elixir transcends all sense of time and space, an irresistible love potion which once consumed, will keep passions alive for eternity. $125.00


Grand Wedding Tea
An enduring favourite, TWG Tea’s Grand Wedding Tea is as tantalizing and mysterious as love itself. A breathtaking black tea has been carefully blended with pure white blossoms, as fragrant as a bride’s bouquet, and a scattering of exotic fruits which lend their soft, honeyed sweetness to this intoxicating blend. Ideal paired with a meal or a sweet slice of wedding cake, this delightful cup perfectly complements a meal. $33.95



Love Me Tea

On a more delicate note, Love Me Tea is an engaging invitation of fine green tea and fragrant floral blossoms,which entices the senses. Continuing to charm and engage our ethereal desires, these sweet, aromatic teas celebrate the enduring romance of life. $54.95





TWG Tea Cotton Teabags - Grand Wedding Tea

TWG Tea has spared no expense in creating the ultimate teabag. The key lies in the fact that every teabag contains the exact same high quality tea retailed by weight, conveniently portioned in precise 2.5gram servings for the perfect cup of tea. TWG Tea’s teabags are entirely hand sewn and made from 100% cotton. TWG Tea Cotton Teabags - Grand Wedding Tea - A festive TWG Tea to celebrate life’s momentous occasions, this black tea is blended with sunflowers and breathtaking exotic fruits. $21.95



TWG Tea Macarons

These delicate, renowned macarons transform TWG Tea’s signature tea blends into sophisticated wedding favors. The union of Grand Wedding Tea, passion fruit and coconut results in a harmonious and perfectly balanced sweet creation. Similarly sensational combinations such as Earl Grey Tea & chocolate, Camelot Tea & praline as well as Napoleon Tea & caramel turn this singular confection into an adventure for the senses. $4.00 each/$85 for a box of 20.