Small Comforts - Luxury Tea

November 26, 2011

It can be the small comforts in life that bring us pleasure. Tea rituals allow us to indulge our senses in the luxury of tea - sniff wonderful aromas, discover exquisite tastes and observe the beauty of the world around us. 

The Urban Tea Merchant is proud to present TWG Tea as our exclusive luxury tea brand. TWG Tea is the finest tea brand in the world, not only because of the extensive selection of teas chosen from the finest gardens but also because of the uncompromising ability to professionally infuse tea with unique and rare fruits, flowers and spices from around the world.  

The Urban Tea Merchant understands the beauty of the tea ritual. Through TWG Tea we are able to offer a wide selection of exceptional tea pots, candles, and tea gift sets. The Urban Tea Merchant also offers other special gifts such as fine French linens, Pyrenean mohair and cashmere throws, home fragrances and much more - all to enhance a luxurious tea experience.  The Urban Tea Merchant has created a gift catalogue so that you can make your own wish list and gift others with a visit to our stores and website.  Every sip is a journey into the small luxury of tea.