Enchanted Evenings with TWG Tea - the Finest Exclusive Summer Teas

July 30, 2015

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Enjoy a selection of the world's most exclusive tea blends highlighting blissful summer memories.

Midsummer Night Tea Midsummer Night Tea - A fairy's elixir. Warm and pleasant black tea is blended with wild forest berries, a hint of malty chocolate and spicy mint. A luscious TWG Tea blend to savour on a long summer’s night.

Summer Palace Tea Summer Palace Tea - This green tea is enhanced by the elegant alchemy of cherry blossoms sprinkled with a bouquet of red fruits, which yields a pleasant and addictive infusion.

Pink Flamingo TeaPink Flamingo Tea - A graceful TWG Tea blend of green tea with crimson hibiscus blossoms that will brighten your day. This quirky mélange infuses into a rose-coloured cup with tart, fruity overtones. 

Pink Garden TeaPink Garden Tea - Regal garden flowers accent this TWG Tea green tea blended with notes of Provençal red fruits. A blooming bouquet as blissful as a summer day.

Sweet France TeaSweet France Tea - The elegance and refinement of France concentrated in a teacup. This graceful TWG Tea blend combines green tea with exotic flowers and a touch of chamomile to create a fresh and soothing cup.

White Fortune TeaWhite Fortune Tea - This rare TWG Tea Yin Zhen white tea is delicately blended with tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries to create an outstanding sweet and sour blend of exceptional quality.

Eternal Summer TeaEternal Summer Tea - A fragrant South Africa red rooibos embellished with notes of sweet summer rose blossoms accented with raw berries which finish with a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of ripe Tuscan peaches. A theine-free tea to be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of the day.

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