TWG Tea & The Urban Tea Merchant

June 11, 2011

The Urban Tea Merchant is proud to announce its association with TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world. TWG Tea was established in Singapore in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for fine teas. Committed to offering teas directly from source gardens, TWG Tea’s collection is the largest in the world, with fine harvests from every tea producing country and exclusive hand crafted tea blends. 

TWG TeaThe Urban Tea Merchant now offers a myriad of TWG Tea blends, from classic black teas to exotic harvests that comprise an enticing selection.  Single Harvest Teas to be offered include:  Darjeeling – Castleton SFTGFOP1, Assam – Harmutty SFTGFOP1, Smoky Tea – Imperial Lapsang Souchong, Japanese Green Tea – Emperor Sencha; Grand Classic Teas:  Breakfast Earl Grey, Jasmine Imperial, Singapore Breakfast Tea. Exclusive Tea Blends available will include two of TWG Tea’s most prominent blends, its signature Silver Moon Tea and 1837 Black Tea.    

Tea connoisseurs will be able to choose from an exquisite range of tea blends unique to TWG Tea including the brand’s original line of Haute Couture Teas. Emulating inspiration from the creative designs of haute couture fashion, these teas have a different story to tell each season. Using only the finest and most exclusive ingredients, this unique line of teas will serve as a source of inspiration for what fills the teacups of enthusiasts each year. Mr. Bouqdib, President & Co-Founder of TWG Tea, explains, “The essence of the Haute Couture Teas is truly an innovative idea in the modern tea world.  It captures the esteem of haute couture in the fashion realm and translates it into a standard that will influence the upcoming trends of the luxury tea industry each year.”