A Healthy Tea Ritual, A Fresh Start

December 31, 2010

Celebrating the beginning of a New Year, can inspire us to experience our own self-renewal; a fresh start to those rituals that offer us health and well-being.  

The Urban Tea Merchant has a true fascination with how different cultures have for centuries, maintained their tea rituals as a practice for health and well-being. Whether it is the Matcha ceremony from Japan, Yerba Maté from South America, Mint Tea from Morocco, or Gong Fu Cha from China. Cultures from around the world have something in common - they celebrate life by surrounding their day with tea ritual ceremonies.  


The Urban Tea Merchant offers Tea Tasting Experiences to our guests, a way to explore and taste different teas from around the world.  Our Tea Ambassadors invite you to set up a time to experience some unique rituals with us. The Urban Tea Merchant Tea Tasting Experiences are offered free whenever you are interested in developing your own tea ritual and the New Year is a perfect time to renew. Start the year offer by scheduling your time now with us. Every sip of tea is a journey ...

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Below I have offered some history and recipes for the Matcha Ceremony. 

Have a Healthy and Prosperous 2011!

Tom James - Co-Founder, The Urban Tea Merchant

Every sip of tea is a journey


Japanese Tea Ceremony - Matcha

The Urban Tea Merchant uses organic matcha - a powdered green tea made from Gyokuro tea leaves. Matcha is used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - Chanoyu. It is finely ground, made from only the freshest young tea buds. When you drink matcha you consume the leaves, unlike other green teas. For this reason matcha contains higher concentrations of catechins and vitamins.

Ceremonial Matcha - a healthy tea ritual and meditative practice

Matcha has been prepared ceremonial style for centuries in zen monasteries. As with all matcha, it should never be prepared with boiling water

  • boil filtered water to 70 - 80˚C
  • warm and dry the chawan (bowl) and soften the chasen (whisk) with hot water
  • place 2 scoops (¼ tsp/0.6g) with the chashaku (bamboo scoop) of matcha into chawan.
  • add 125ml (½ cup) of hot water
  • whisk briskly with your wrist, forming a ‘W’, to create a frothy liquid
  • dilute according to taste, adding more water if desired.


Matcha Latte - a contemporary way of drinking matcha

Start your morning with a healthy, invigorating Matcha Latte - highly nutritious and a wonderful substitute for coffee.

  • prepare Ceremonial Matcha as above and double the quantity of matcha powder (½ tsp/1.2g to 125ml water)
  • foam 125ml (½ cup) of hot milk
  • add foamed milk to your matcha
  • add honey or flavoured syrup, if desired

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