The Urban Tea Merchant is off to Paris - Tom James, Co-Founder

August 30, 2010

Karinna and I are excited as we prepare to leave on our buying trip to Paris. Our hearts and minds were captivated by our first merchant experience in 2001, as we explored world cultures seeking merchandise that would inspire the exotic rituals of tea.

THEODOR ScandaleWe will be spending some of our days with Guillaume Leleu, the founder of THEODOR and we will taste some of the newest fine harvests and aromatic tea blends.  A few months ago, at our last tea tasting with Guillaume in Paris, we experienced some fabulous new teas and they are now being enjoyed by our guests at The Urban Tea Merchant.  One tea that has generated a lot of attention is the new tea called Scandale. I love this tea because it is a fine quality Pu-erh.  The Urban Tea Merchant has always carried aged Pu-erh (the older the Pu-erh, the better). However Scandale is a Pu-erh with a twist. Considered a scandal amongst the elite tea drinkers who would never add aromatics to such a traditional tea! This is truly a fabulous pu-erh. The essential oils of cinnamon and vanilla take me on a unique journey.

What will we have in store with our tea tasting time at THEODOR over the coming days? This is a very special time because THEODOR and The Urban Tea Merchant will be launching several new products and we can hardly wait to see what you think of them.

This week we will also be meeting with other merchants from around the world, all gathered in Paris at Maison & Objet for a truly spectacular trade show. Karinna will be searching for exquisite home décor pieces along with new textiles and home fragrance for The Urban Tea Merchant's Fall and Christmas Collection. Our excitement and anticipation builds. You will be hearing from Karinna next week as she discovers and begins to hand pick some new products for the stores.