Every sip is a journey - Tom James

August 17, 2010

Last night, Karinna, Casey & I went to see "Eat, Pray, Love".  It took us back to our four-month world trip we did in 2001, where the concept of The Urban Tea Merchant was born.  We had travelled to the countries filmed in the movie - Italy, India, and Bali (as well as several other wonderful places) and I could really relate to the experiences and insights within the movie. Karinna & I were, at that time,  searching for our next adventure and the people we met provided us the clarity to begin our new venture with The Urban Tea Merchant.

After watching the movie, we were all inspired to continue our exploration of different cultures.  A vision we had of The Urban Tea Merchant was to create an environment for people to have an exquisite pot of tea, relax, imagine and explore their next 'journey'.  

After returning home from the movie, I steeped a beautiful pot of THEODOR's new oolong from Thailand, 'The des Princes'. I sat on our deck and enjoyed the quiet warm evening and continued to imagine what our next  journey might be. I thought to myself, how fitting, 'Every sip IS a journey'.