A Tea Gourmand Experience: TWG Tea launches a Decadent Collection of Patisserie Inspired Teas

March 04, 2015

Macarons, Tea-Infused Macarons, TWG Tea, Tea Gourmand

TWG Tea launches patisserie inspired teas to entice the palate and sweeten your teacup. These decadent teas are perfect to pair with The Urban Tea Merchant's new dessert menu or at home with TWG Tea-Infused Macarons! 

It's So Good Tea - Tart blossoms and melting berries mingle imperceptibly with a rich and malty black tea. Like the perfect slice of warm pie on a dark winter’s afternoon, this blend will lighten your spirits and bring joy to your heart.

Tea and Dessert, Matcha, TWG Tea, Matcha Entremet, The Urban Tea Merchant,
Singapore Surprise Tea - A brilliant twist on TWG Tea’s signature dessert – a much beloved and creamy crème brulée on a tea- infused crust dotted with firm wild strawberries – this black tea will revive the child in you. A tea to enjoy with friends and family, to exalt all its fragrances.

White Chocolate Cheesecake, TWG Tea, Tea-Infused Deserts, Tea Gourmand, The Urban Tea Merchant
Macaron Noir Tea - Throughout history, tea has been served with dainty sweets – first to balance the inherent bitterness of Japanese matcha, then to refresh the spirits in the afternoon. Now TWG Tea has conceived of a black tea blend which encapsulates the mouth-watering flavours of our signature black macaron. Rich, mysterious, satisfying, this marvellous tea will delight tea lovers of all ages.

Tea-Infused Macarons, TWG Tea, Tea Gourmand

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