Start off 2015 with a selection of refreshing and rejuvenating TWG Tea's

January 03, 2015

White Fortune TeaWhite Fortune Tea - This rare TWG Tea Yin Zhen white tea is delicately blended  with tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries to create an outstanding sweet and sour blend of exceptional quality. Starting at $47 for 50 grams

Sencha MeichaSencha Meicha - A majestic and noble tea from the Shizuoka region. This delicate, grassy TWG Tea conveys a sense of serenity that is characteristic of only the finest quality Japan green teas. An afternoon delight. Starting at $37 per 50 grams.

White Immortal TeaWhite Immortal Tea - The aspiration of the ancients, silver tips of Yin Zhen lend their immortal fragrance to this blend of sweet red fruits. A white tea blend of sweet dreams. Starting at $47 per 50 grams.

Grand Jasmine TeaGrand Jasmine Tea - An outstanding China green tea blended with superior TWG Tea jasmine blossoms. The infusion is delicate and refined, and gives an enveloping floral aroma.

A cup of tea is a cup of peace - Soshitsu Sen XV, quoted by Kenneth S. Cohen

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