TWG Tea Illuminates the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Red Lanturn Tea Mooncake Collection

August 21, 2014

TWG Tea, the world’s finest tea brand, launches the Red Lantern Tea Mooncake Collection of four intricately crafted tea-infused traditional mooncakes. As the glow from the radiant festive lights and glimmering lanterns line the streets, TWG Tea takes its inspiration from centuries of traditions, juxtaposed against the contemporary redesign and desire of modern day sophistication and flavours.


Setting the trend for the collection this year is the Red Lantern Tea; a glorious autumnal celebration with a fragrant mixture of red tea and white tea, which begins with irresistible jasmine and then slowly evolves into an enduring orchestra of fruits and sweet spices. 

Ever attentive to detail, TWG Tea is passionately innovative in the conception of tea-infused patisseries of exquisite taste and enduring quality. TWG Tea Mooncakes are entirely hand-crafted in Singapore by TWG Tea’s Chef Pâtissier with meticulous effort to blend flavours in absolute harmony.

Each artisanal Mooncake is perfectly shaped and delicately embossed with TWG Tea’s logo devoted to unify a myriad of flavours and aroma of our signature teas and to perfectly pair and enhance a unique tasting experience.

This year, TWG Tea offers a set of two Mooncakes paired with Red Lantern Haute Couture Tea, a set of four Mooncakes, both elegantly available in the Red Lantern Mooncake gift box. Each mooncake is packaged in an individual Red Lantern Mooncake giftbox.


TWG Tea Traditional Mooncakes

Red Lantern

Wrapped in a perfectly baked golden brown crust, the delightful surprise of mixed almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia and pecans enveloped in a smooth lotus paste infused with the illuminating combination of jasmine, exotic fruits and sweet spices of Red Lantern Tea.


An opulent representation of the Yin and Yang, this elegant golden brown crust embraces the harmonious balance of a luscious red bean paste adorning a delicate and aromatic Matcha Nara heart, whisked from the most prestigious tea estate in Japan.


This iconic signature of mid-autumn festival holds within a golden crust a smooth and elegant Singapore Breakfast Tea infused brown lotus filling, a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk heart. A timeless favourite.


Encased in a lavish, brown crust, this exquisite TWG Tea mooncake is filled with smooth black sesame paste infused with Pu-Erh Prestige and sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds, enveloping an aromatic sesame paste heart.


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