TWG Tea Fashions the World’s Most Luxurious Iced Teabag Collection

July 06, 2014

TWG Tea Iced Teabag Collection

With the sun ablazing, TWG Tea is launching the world’s most luxurious collection of teabags especially crafted for the preparation of iced teas. As a trendsetting purveyor of exquisite teas, TWG Tea continuously shapes the fashion of tea appreciation by taking the global tea industry by storm with this extraordinary collection. The iced tea collection comes in fifteen varieties of whole tea leaves carefully proportioned and packaged for the expert preparation of delicious TWG iced teas.

Luxuriously handcrafted with natural materials, every TWG Tea Iced Teabag contains the exact same handpicked, whole leaf teas retailed loose in our Retail Boutique. The teabags are entirely hand sewn are free from metal staples and glue which are detrimental to the quality and flavour of the tea. Made of light, transparent silk and round in shape, reminiscent of the summer sun, TWG Iced Teabags are made from silk sachets all handsewn with thread to ensure no impurities affect the taste and beautifully placed in TWG Tea packaging embossed with the name of the tea in gold lettering.

Iced Teabags - Eternal Summer Tea

Eternal Summer Tea - A fragrant South Africa red tea embellished with notes of sweet summer rose blossoms accented with raw berries which finish with a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of ripe Tuscan peaches. A theine-free tea to be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of the day.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - 1837 Black

1837 Black - TWG Tea’s renowned signature tea, 1837 Black is a unique blend of black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel. A timeless classic.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Alfonso Tea

Alfonso Tea - A magnificent alliance of black tea and rare mango with a secret combination of TWG fruits and flowers that is fragrant and comforting.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Caravan Tea

Caravan Tea - A melting TWG Tea mélange of flavours, this China gunpowder green tea is mysteriously blended with sweet mints and notes of citrus fruits.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - French Earl Grey

French Earl Grey - A fragrant variation of the great classic, this TWG black tea has been delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea - A great favourite, this fine TWG green tea is perfectly blended with suave and strong Sahara mint. A timeless classic.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Pink Flamingo Tea

Pink Flamingo Tea - A graceful TWG blend of green tea with crimson hibiscus blossoms that will brighten your day. This quirky mélange infuses into a rose-coloured cup with tart, fruity overtones.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Sweet France Tea

Sweet France Tea - The elegance and refinement of France concentrated in a teacup. This graceful TWG blend combines green tea with exotic flowers and a touch of chamomile to create a fresh and soothing cup.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Tea Party Tea

Tea Party Tea - Surrender to the rich, warm and golden infusion of this black tea inflected with notes of candied sweetness. A perfect blend to pair with tea cakes and sandwiches.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Cocktail Hour Tea

Cocktail Hour Tea - This dazzling composition of black tea and green tea is composed of crimson blossoms which illuminate notes of sweet sugar cane and rum. A tempting alcohol-free interpretation for a festive moment.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Darjeeling

Darjeeling - The champagne of teas, this first flush black tea is a marvelous fine harvest which sparkles in the mouth with notes of green mango and exudes a delicious aroma reminiscent of lily of the valley.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Grand Jasmine Tea

Grand Jasmine Tea - An outstanding China green tea blended with superior TWG jasmine blossoms. The infusion is delicate and refined, and gives an enveloping floral aroma.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Pomme Prestige Tea

Pomme Prestige Tea - A lingering desire. A whiff of temptation. A forbidden fancy on the eve of the unknown. Alluring and fragrant apples yield their immortal aroma to this tangy and delightful TWG black tea. A tea for forever after.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - Red Chai

Red Chai - Striking red tea blended with a subtle mix of rare and aromatic Indian spices. Warm in the mouth.

TWG Tea Iced Teabags - 1837 Green

1837 Green - A fragrant fantasy, this aromatic green tea blend of TWG Tea’s signature 1837 Tea is a voyage, boasting a lofty fruit and flower bouquet that leaves a delicious aftertaste of red fruits and caramel with a light touch of astringency. A delightful tea for anytime of the day and perfect paired with desserts.

The decadent new collection selected 15 of the best TWG Tea flavours most suited for making iced teas, and had their proportions tweaked so that the drinker can enjoy an intense and flavourful drink. The teabag sachets are nestled inside a white box resembling a miniature chest, complete with a pull-out drawer and a gold handle. Embellished on the exterior is the signature TWG Tea logo which is monogrammed in gold. Each of the fifteen keepsake gift boxes enclose seven precious Iced Teabags, each containing 7.5 grams of tea perfect for a large carafe of iced tea. TWG Tea has spared no expense in creating the ultimate iced teabag, demonstrating its deep-rooted commitment to quality and attention to detail.

This exceptional collection includes TWG Tea classics from TWG Tea such as the French Earl Grey, Eternal Summer Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea and Darjeeling, as well as TWG Tea exclusive blends such as Sweet France Tea, Pink Flamingo Tea and Cocktail Hour Tea. Whether you are craving something sweet or in the mood for something light and tangy, TWG Tea’s Iced Teabag collection has carefully handpicked it all in this collection.



Easy as it sounds, a good glass of iced tea is not just about placing a few cubes of ice into a pitcher of hot tea and letting it sit before serving it. The secret to making a great-tasting iced tea beverage is by using simmering water and chilling it with large ice cubes after. Simmering water is just below boiling water temperature. Anything above that temperature will spoil the tea leaves and thus, lose the rich flavour.