Celebrate Father's Day with a magnificent tea gift fit for Dad

June 10, 2014

TWG Tea, the world's finest luxury tea brand, has curated a multi-sensory experience with an array of divine creations to pique your father's taste buds and heart strings this Father's Day. Inspired by a King’s strength, TWG Tea’s collection radiates with luxurious magnificence that is a glorious fit for a Father.


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Sahara Teapot (gold-plated)Sahara Teapot CollectionIn a daring display of astonishing craftsmanship, the Sahara Teapot is available plated with silver or 18K gold and finished with Swarovski crystal eyes, a spectacular piece of TWG Tea design and detailing. The symbol of wisdom and immortality, the serpent is a potent guardian of good fortune, health and vigour. 

TWG Tea Haute Couture - Earl Grey Gentleman

Haute Couture - Earl Grey Gentleman - A rich and robust Ceylon is balanced with intense and fragrant TWG Tea bergamot and pink rosebuds, giving this black tea blend a sparkling citrus aroma and an enduring and refreshing aftertaste. A dashing taste of sophistication.

TWG Tea Haute Couture - 1837 Black Tea

Haute Couture - 1837 Black Tea - TWG Tea’s renowned signature tea, is a unique blend of black tea infused with fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel. A timeless classic

TWG Tea Cotton Teabags - Imperial Lapsang SouchongCotton Teabags - Imperial Lapsang Souchong - This smokey TWG Tea black tea boasts beautiful leaves and a smooth, full-bodied flavour infused with the aroma of rare Chinese pine. A generous daytime tea that is perfect with a savoury meal.

TWG Tea Caviar Tin - Timeless TeaCaviar Tin - Timeless TeaA swirling eddy of flavours, this TWG Tea black blend turns back the hands of time, blended with a bouquet of hibiscus blossoms and berries, producing a refreshing cup with a lingering aftertaste. For those moments of eternal emotion.

TWG Tea Cotton Teabags - English Breakfast TeaCotton Teabags - English Breakfast TeaThis classic was originally blended as an accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast. Very strong and full-bodied with light floral undertones, this TWG broken-leaf black tea is perfect with morning toast and marmalade.


Visit us at our Signature Downtown location or BUY ONLINE

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