Announcing our Pop-Up Shop in Holt Renfrew, Vancouver featuring TWG Tea Gifts for Mother's Day

April 30, 2014

TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, celebrates Mother’s Day in style.

 Visit us at our Pop-Up Shop in Holt Renfrew from May 1st - May 11th or our Downtown location or Buy Online

Visit us at our Pop-Up Shop in Holt Renfrew from May 1st - May 11th or our Downtown location or Buy Online

Offering an exclusive collection of exceptional loose leaf packaged in alluring gift boxes, magnificent tea sets and exquisite selection of teacups, sensual tea-scented candles exclusively crafted for the special women in your lives.

Inspired by beauty and elegance, TWG Tea’s collection radiates a luxurious aura that is fit for a queen.

TWG Tea Tsarina Collection

Tsarina Tea Collection

The Tsarina collection is an original creation, an authentic piece of art to celebrate the greatness of Russian history and the refinement of the Tsars’ art of living. This porcelain tea service inspired by an ancestral design, features exquisite 22ct gold painting and precious violet enamel. This TWG Tea collection is carefully hand crafted by the oldest and most renowned Russian porcelain manufacturer.

            Design Teapot - White    Design Teapot - White w/18ct Gold Plating     Design Teapot - Glass

TWG Tea Design Teapot Collection

The TWG Tea Design Teapots represent the convenience of modern functional features and the pleasure of serving tea in the classic beauty of an exclusive TWG Tea design.

A high-quality polished stainless steel cosy with an inner felt lining envelope the porcelain teapot and keep the tea warm for one hour. All the porcelain teapots come with an special designed, removable filter which allows the leaves to unfurl and to develop their fragrance during the infusion. These teapots are perfectly suitable for all tea varieties. Available in glass, white, white/gold, black & black/gold.

Scented Candle - TWG Tea - Bain de Roses TeaScented Candle - TWG Tea - Bain de Roses Tea
Bain de Roses Tea & Scented Candle - In the month of May, the dusky roses of Grasses come into flower, enveloping Provence in an intoxicating perfume. Combined with a secret bouquet of black tea, heady notes of white sandalwood, warm vanilla and fresh grapefruit, TWG Tea's Bain de Roses exhales a passionate and dramatic elixir as sweet as a macaron à la rose.

TWG Tea Keepsake Tin - Earl Grey Fortune Tea
Earl Grey FortuneEarl Grey Fortune & Keepsake Tin - This strong and full bodied first flush Darjeeling is blended with TWG bergamot to yield a most robust and balanced cup.

Tea was once a product so revered, costly and rare that it was only offered as a gift to emperors and courtiers, a product as elite as it was noble. Today, TWG Tea has revived this tradition with artfully packaged Keepsake Teas in beautifully conceived gift boxes, ornate blends crafted to delight and enthuse in artisanal tins to cherish for a lifetime.

Glamour Tea Bowl - Gold Plate & White
Glamour Tea Saucer in White Glamour Tea Bowl in Gold Plate & White & Glamour Tea Saucer in White - the porcelain Glamour tea bowls and saucers are handmade in Limoges, France, a city internationally renowned for producing some of the world’s finest and most sought-after porcelain ware. Painstakingly conceived to resemble the silhouette of a flower, the beautiful tea bowls boast a streamlined shape to follow the curvature of the mouth. These precious ornaments can be used and cherished for generations.

Chinoiserie Teapot & Sugar Bowl in Gold

The perfection of the Orient incarnate in one table setting. Crafted by exceptional Viennese artists in “white gold” - as porcelain was traditionally called - these extraordinary gold and platinum plated teapots and sugar bowls reveal the secret that preoccupied and tantalized the Western world ever since Marco Polo brought porcelain from Asia to Europe more than 600 years ago. Composed of merely four elements: feldspar, quartz, kaolin, and water (each porcelain factory, until today, guards the exact proportions of their recipe secret) porcelain fulfills the alchemists dream of transforming base elements into precious objects. Works of art to showcase the artistry and sophistication of the simple things in life.


Visit us at our Pop-Up Shop in Holt Renfrew from May 1st - May 11th or our Downtown location or Buy Online

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