TWG Tea's 2014 first flush Darjeeling harvests have arrived!

April 16, 2014

Fresh from the Garden

Darjeeling Nouveau 2014

TWG Tea is delighted to present our curated selection of the most coveted first flush Darjeeling harvests of 2014. Hailed as the Champagne of teas, these harvests are literal works of art, renowned for their outstanding quality, unique flavour and high percentage of silver tips. For the ultimate gift, the Darjeeling Nouveau 2014 is exquisitely encased in a sun-kissed Haute Couture tea tin, an elixir of spring to herald the arrival of bright days of warmth ahead.

To herald the arrival of spring harvests, TWG Tea is presenting connoisseurs with the finest quality loose leaf teas in limited quantities from the remarkable estates.


Lingia FTGFOP1 (1st Flush), 2014 Lingia FTGFOP1 (1st Flush), 2014Situated in Darjeelings’ Golden Valley, bordering Nepal in a triangle of eight mountain peaks, this estate is over 140 years old. At altitudes of over 1,800 metres, facing the snow-clad peaks of Kanchenjunga, the tea bushes enjoy the miraculous work of evening moonbeams, which impart this tea with a uniquely glossy and sparkling quaility. With leaves that are pear-green with silvery spikes, this tea exudes a fragrance of young papaya, mango and toasted hazelnuts and infuses into a jonquil-yellow cup that is suave, airy and fruity with intonations of exotic starfruit and rose.

Phuguri (1st flush) 2014 FTGFOP1 Phuguri (1st flush) 2014 FTGFOP1This exclusive TWG Tea first flush harvest is one of the most fragrant Darjeeling teas. The finely rolled olive-green leaves from the Phuguri estate glimmer with silver tips and an enticing aroma of deep red summer fruits. An infusion of golden amber yields a robust taste that will awaken your taste buds and leave a lingering aftertaste of Brazil and hazelnuts. The ideal afternoon tea.


Orange Valley (1st Flush) SFTGFOP1 - 2014 Orange Valley (1st Flush) SFTGFOP1 - 2014 This prestigious Darjeeling tea estate is situated at altitudes of 1,520 to 1,830 metres, where cool temperatures, generous rainfall and cloudy skies broken by intervals of bright sunshine create exceptional quality harvests. The estate is surrounded by orange trees, which lend a unique and sparkling flavour to the tea. This first flush boasts long, elegant, jade-green leaves with a perfume reminiscent of soursop blossoms. The cup is translucent and glossy and yields a subtle taste of custard-apple followed by a persistent flavour of honey and mango, which envelope the palate.



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