Pure Elegance: Introducing the Caviar Service at The Urban Tea Merchant

March 22, 2014

The Urban Tea Merchant is pleased to offer our very special Caviar Service featuring Northern Divine Caviar, presented on crushed ice garnished with crème fraîche, brioche toasts, chives, diced egg and lemon, perfect with a glass of champagne.

"Great love affairs start with champagne and end with tea." ~ Honoré de Balzac

Celebrate special occasions with the decadent Caviar Service served with Northern Divine Caviar. Enjoy this elegant service with a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne or Prosecco for an afternoon and evening to remember!

Northern Divine Caviar is a sustainable luxury produced from Fraser River White Sturgeon on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. The colour of the eggs or 'berries' range from rich grey, black pearl, olive to chocolate velvet. Purely refined, tastefully sublime, expressly created for astute palates that wish to embrace fresh sensations. Discover the impressive buttery, nutty delicate ocean flavour of sustainable caviar from the West Coast.

Caviar Service