Follow your love to the ends of the earth

January 29, 2014

Inspired by the budding affection of a courtesan for her lover, Follow Me Tea is an invitation to the delights and fragility of love, a cup of romance blended with rousing ginseng root and the tart extravagance of fresh pineapple, conceived exclusively for this season of love by TWG Tea. An opera of delicate sensations, Follow Me Tea is the latest alluring blend to launch in TWG Tea’s celebrated Haute Couture Tea Collection.

1853: An afternoon promenade along the Champs Elysees, the shy courtesan embellished with a single white camellia flower drops her lace fan to the ground to invite the attentions of a young and distracted gentleman who, as though awakened from a dream, rushes gallantly to return it to the object of his affections… Paris during the Second Empire is a city of love - illicit, irresistible, and flamboyant - a city of grand boulevards and lugubrious side alleys, a dance of seduction engaging all of the senses, the symbol of a new aristocracy built on the strength of the affections of two inseparable lovers.

2013: TWG Tea dedicates its Valentine’s Day collection to the undying romance of the Lady of the Camellias – a tribute to the ethereal beauty of the tea flower - with an Asian twist, inviting you to share the delights of this alluring blend of the finest harvest green tea and rare ginseng root crowned with unforgettable notes of succulent pineapple with your treasured one. TWG Tea has transformed tea into an object of seduction, an unspoken language of love.

Firefly Tea Bowl & Saucer
Firefly Tea Bowl & Saucer
Firefly Tea Bowl & Saucer

Crafted from hand-blown glass with natural organic pigments to create each of these unique and unusual colours. Thick enough to protect your fingers from the heat of your tea, yet extra clear to communicate the translucence of light and glass, every Firefly tea bowl and saucer is a work of art, reminiscent of summer evenings and blossoming water lilies, truly an Impressionist dream. $56

This engaging love potion of fine green tea is delicately enhanced by an armful of fragrant lime blossoms and verbena. A charming adventure for the senses.

Tea was once a product so revered, costly and rare that it was only offered as a gift to emperors and courtiers, a product as elite as it was noble. Today, TWG Tea has revived this tradition with artfully packaged Keepsake Teas in beautifully conceived gift boxes, ornate blends crafted to delight and enthuse in artisanal tins to cherish for a lifetime. $55

Celebrate the month of Love with an Enchanting Selection of TWG Teas

Valentine Breakfast Tea

As sweet and enveloping as love itself, this TWG black tea of romance weds fresh, ripe fruits and silver pearls that bead the soft amber infusion like luminous tears of joy. A lingering and aromatic tea to awaken desires. $14 per 50g

In the month of May, the roses of Grasse come into bloom, enveloping Provence with an incomparable and luxurious perfume. Masterfully blended by TWG Tea, this sensual Darjeeling is a magical union of extraordinary roses and hints of vanilla. Truly an outstanding tea. $34 per 50g

This sensual TWG Tea Darjeeling is blended with delicate rose blossoms and leaves of pure gold. An enchanting potion. $79 per 50g

This rich and aromatic black tea is accented with fresh notes of rare TWG bergamot and pure dark chocolate which unite to create a marvelous and blissful blend. An unforgettable tea for those special moments. $9.50 per 50g

The elegance and refinement of France concentrated in a teacup. This graceful TWG Tea blend combines green tea with exotic flowers and a touch of chamomile to create a fresh and soothing cup. $12 per 50g

A flight of fancy, this sweet blend of decaffeinated black tea and red berries is accented with notes of raw vanilla bean. A blend to share with your loved one. $21 per 50g

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