Unveiling the Moroccan Sahara Tea, A Dreamy Mirage

May 17, 2016

Moroccan Sahara Tea, Haute Couture Tea Collection

The Moroccan Sahara: a boundless expanse of sand and stone, so empty, so cosmic that dreams appear to come alive, like a genie from a teapot.

Morocco Sahara Tea

A melange of green tea and black tea unveils the infinite beauty and mystery of southern Morocco in a teacup. Floral notes from the illustrious Valley of Roses impart their fragrant splendour to a blend of bitter almond and wild orange flowers. Hints of sandy spices reveal their soft yet lingering sweetness. The Moroccan Sahara Tea offers a refreshing cup of peace and bounty, a welcome expression of true Moroccan generosity.Moroccan Sahara Tea, Haute Couture Tea CollectionThe Moroccan Sahara Tea is available in stores as part of the TWG Tea Haute Couture Tea Collection, and retails at $48 CND for 100g.

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