Sophisticated Tea Gifts for Her this Mother's Day

April 20, 2016

Bain de Roses, Mother's Day, Gifts for Her, Glass Teapot
Pique your mother’s taste buds and heart strings this Mother’s Day with enchanting aromas, beautiful tea blends.
Bain de Roses Tea - In the month of May, the roses of Grasse come into bloom, enveloping Provence with an incomparable and luxurious perfume. Masterfully blended by TWG Tea, this sensual Darjeeling is a magical union of extraordinary roses and hints of vanilla. Truly an outstanding tea. 

Keepsake Tea Tin Collection
Tea was once a product so revered, costly and rare that it was only offered as a gift to emperors and courtiers, a product as elite as it was noble. Today, TWG Tea has revived this tradition with artfully packaged Keepsake Teas in beautifully conceived gift boxes, ornate blends crafted to delight and enthuse in artisanal tins to cherish for a lifetime.
Earl Grey Fortune Tea, Mother's Day, Keepsake Tea Tin
Earl Grey Fortune Tea - This strong and full bodied first flush Darjeeling is blended with TWG bergamot to yield a most robust and balanced cup.
Royal Orchid Keepsake Tea Tin, Mother's Day
Royal Orchid Tea - This TWG Tea semi-fermented Formosa oolong is delicately infused with the fragrance of a night blooming orchid, suggestive of a warm summer evening, intoxicating and generous.
French Earl Grey Tea, Keepsake Tea Tin, Mother's Day
French Earl Grey Tea - A fragrant variation of the great classic, this exquisite black tea blend from TWG Tea has been delicately infused with citrus fruits and French blue cornflowers.

TWG Teapot Collections She Will Love
The TWG Tea Design teapots represent the convenience of modern functional features and the pleasure of serving tea in the classic beauty of an exclusive TWG Tea design. A high-quality polished stainless steel warmer with an inner felt lining envelope the porcelain teapot and keep the tea warm for one hour. All the porcelain teapots come with an especially designed removable filter which allows the leaves to unfurl and to develop their fragrance during the infusion. These teapots are perfectly suitable for all tea varieties.
Created individually, one by one from hand blown glass, this original TWG Tea creation evokes the complicity of transparency and light, air and water, both masculine and feminine. Realized in the pure lines of TWG Tea savoir-faire, this teapot is very resistant to shock and heat and can be used every day to infuse the finest of teas. Each teapot is unique and ideal when you wish to display the myriad of changing colours of the infusions of the finest harvest teas.
Hand Blown Glass Teapot Collection, Mother's Day
Bain de Roses, Mother's Day, Gifts for Her
Bain de Roses
Bain de Roses, Mother's Day, Gifts for Her
In the month of May, the dusky roses of Grasses come into flower, enveloping Provence in an intoxicating perfume.
Bain de Roses, Mother's Day, Gifts for Her
Bain de Roses Scented Candle - Combined with a secret bouquet of black tea, heady notes of white sandalwood, warm vanilla and fresh grapefruit, TWG Tea's Bain de Roses exhales a passionate and dramatic elixir as sweet as a macaron à la rose.Bain de Roses, Mother's Day, Gifts for Her
Rosebud Tea Set - A beautiful combination of Bain de Roses Tea in a TWG Tea Pink Saturn Tin with Bain de Roses Tea Scented Candle. All packaged in an elegant TWG Tea Gift set.

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