Dazzle your Holiday Parties with TWG Tea

December 04, 2013

This holiday, TWG Tea casts a spell on your teacup, transforming icy snowflakes into steaming hot drops of a sparkling new TWG Tea potion – the Magic Christmas Tea – with the flick of a star-studded wand. This bewitching brew is truly an enchanting invitation to a world of discovery at the foot of your Christmas tree…

And here is a complete list of exquisite holiday TWG teas designed to be enjoyed during this festive season.

Magic Christmas Tea

Dark nights and snowy mornings, expectations of delight and the miraculous fulfilment of dreams. A steaming crimson infusion, this theine-free red tea is a swirling cauldron of enchantments – a priceless distillate of rare citrus fruits blended with hints of raw and malty dark chocolate and a melange of spices that fill the air with their warmth. Savour a merry, magic potion this Christmas! $12.50 per 50g

An exceptional TWG Tea creation, this rare Yin Zhen white tea is hand blended with exquisite fruits and spices to delight the palate with sparkling festive flavours. $69 per 50g

For those cosy holiday evenings, this TWG theine-free red tea is a festival of flavours and spices, to reminisce and celebrate all year long. Rooibos, hibiscus, orange peel, apple, cinnamon, clove,ginger, cardamom. $10 per 50g

A TWG Tea elixir that will surely inspire wintry fireside reunions and joyful Christmas celebrations, this black tea and white Yin Zhen tea blend combines fragrant spices and tones of clementine with rich Tahitian vanilla. A warm and generous tea. $15 per 50g

Rich, nutty tonalities tonalities blended with
TWG Tea spices give this grand green tea a party allure. A celebration of rich and aromatic flavours. $10 per 50g

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