Photos from our Tea Garden Party & Shopping Event with Y.E.S! Vancouver


A beautiful evening for a Tea Garden Party partnered with Y.E.S! Vancouver and Dress for Success

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Our guests enjoyed a demonstration from Ensemble's Mixologist, Ben Lambie and The Urban Tea Merchant's very own Tea Sommolier, Reza Nasooti. Learn how to make your own Iced Teas and Tea-Cocktails for your Summer entertaining. Can you say Moroccan Mint Mojitos? 


Moroccan Mint Mojitos as a welcoming Tea-Cocktail. We launched our Tea-Infused Cocktails the same evening with fantastic reviews!

Moroccan Mint, TWG Tea, Tea, Tea Cocktails, Events, Moroccan Mint Mojitos

Pink Flamingo Cosmopolitan

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Tea Garden Party, Tea, Tea Party, TWG Tea

The Photo Op captured some great photos of our guests having a fabulous time at our Tea Party! 

Tea Party, TWG Tea, Tea

TWG Tea, Tea, Tea Party

TWG Tea, Cups & Saucers, Tea, Tea Party

TWG Tea, TWG, Tea Party

Thank you to everyone that came and to Y.E.S! Vancouver and Dress for Success for a fabulous evening at The Urban Tea Merchant - Downtown! 

The Urban Tea Merchant

1070 West Georgia Street, Vancouver