Journeys with Heart and The Urban Tea Merchant

The Urban Tea Merchant and Journeys with Heart partnered together to host a wonderful evening to showcase travels around the world. Guests met and mingled with celebrity chefs and media personalities with Tea-Infused Jade of Africa Champagne, Tea Sangrias, and canapés made by Chef John Bishop and The Urban Tea Merchant. 

Journeys with Heart - Travel with a Purpose is an organization that offers travel with a celebrity guest host to an exciting destination such as Argentina, Chile, Vietnam, Cambodia and more. Included in the cost is a donation to a local charity such as Big Sisters, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Minerva. What a wonderful way to give back while enjoying the world in a unique way. 

Vicki Gabereau and Chef Barbara JoLocal celebrities that joined us at The Urban Tea Merchant that evening included Vicki Gabereau, Chef John Bishop, Jerry Wasserman, Chef Barbara Jo, Joy Metcalfe, Christopher Gaze, and Fanny Keefer. 

The Urban Tea Merchant's values truly align with Journey with Heart. Bringing people together with tea and culture can connect you to the journey and purpose of life.